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Trivia Quiz - Rock and Roll Obscure Facts #2

Here's some more obscurity for your Googling pleasure. Good luck!

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Date Submitted: October 19, 2010
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music
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Author: FRANKL1965
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Rock and Roll Obscure Facts 2
(Image Source: Steely Dan)

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1. The founders of Steely Dan had an earlier band called "Leather Canary". Which famous funny man was their drummer?
  A.   George Carlin
  B.   Chevy Chase
  C.   Bill Murray
  D.   Lenny Bruce

2. What was the original title of the 1972 Kiss smash, "Beth"?
  A.   Bev
  B.   Bell
  C.   Bertha
  D.   Beck

3. What was the original title of Franki Vallis' 1975 #1 hit, "My Eyes Adored You"?
  A.   Blue Eyes in Georgia
  B.   My Eyes Explored You
  C.   I Can't Afford You
  D.   Sweet Esmerelda

4. Which musician played harmonica on the Doors' "Road House Blues" under the pseudonym "G. Puglese"?
  A.   Bob Dylan
  B.   John Sebastian
  C.   Toots Thielman
  D.   Nicky Shane

5. Which memeber of The Eagles sang back-up vocals on Firefalls' "Just Remember I Love You"?
  A.   Don Henley
  B.   Glenn Frey
  C.   Joe Walsh
  D.   Timothy B. Schmit

6. The Beatles album, "The Beatles" (also known as The White Album), was originally to be entitled what?
  A.   A Doll's House
  B.   Dear Prudence
  C.   Glass Onion
  D.   Martha's Vineyard

7. The brilliant piano work on Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was performed by musician Larry Knechtel. At the time, he was a member of what band?
  A.   Bread
  B.   Stealers Wheel
  C.   Three Dog Night
  D.   10cc

8. Which 70's band took their name off of a box of cough drops?
  A.   Strawberry Alarm Clock
  B.   Tangerine Dream
  C.   Wild Cherry
  D.   The Raspberries

9. Speaking of irony, Barry Manilow's "I Write the Songs" was penned by someone else. Which member of the Beach Boys wrote it?
  A.   Brian Wilson
  B.   Bruce Johnston
  C.   Mike Love
  D.   Al Jardine

10. What were variety pop duo Sonny and Cher initially known as?
  A.   Cher & Sonny
  B.   Caesar & Cleo
  C.   Sammy & Claire
  D.   Bono & Bono®   

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