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Trivia Quiz - Whitney Houston: Pop Diva

Here's a quiz on diva Whitney Houston who had one of the greatest voices ever.

Quiz Number: 4344
Date Submitted: March 05, 2012
Quiz Categories: Pop Music, Singers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 74 percent
Times Taken: 325 times
Taken by Registered Users: 6
Quiz is about: Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston Pop Diva
(Image Source: Whitney Houston @ Celebrity Picnic)

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1. Whitney had a famous cousin in music. What was her name?
  A.   Dionne Warwick
  B.   Patti Labelle
  C.   Gladys Knight
  D.   Tina Turner

2. What was Whitney's middle name?
  A.   Sue
  B.   Marie
  C.   Lynn
  D.   Elizabeth

3. Who was the R&B singer that Whitney married?
  A.   Jay-z
  B.   Bobby Brown
  C.   Bobby McFarrin
  D.   Ice-Cube

4. Whitney got her first acting role as the star in what movie?
  A.   The Preacher's Wife
  B.   Waiting to Exhale
  C.   Tin Cup
  D.   The Bodyguard

5. What pop diva was Whitney's Honorary Aunt?
  A.   Aretha Franklin
  B.   Tina Turner
  C.   Patti Labelle
  D.   Gladys Knight

6. Whitney was romantically involved with which of the following?
  A.   Eddie Murphy
  B.   Bobby Brown
  C.   Randall Cunningham
  D.   All the Above

7. What was the last song Whitney sang at her last public appearance before she passed away?
  A.   How Will I Know
  B.   The Greatest Love of All
  C.   I will Always Love You
  D.   Jesus Loves Me

8. What media company credited Whitney with being the most awarded female artist of all time?
  A.   Guiness Book of World Records
  B.   Rolling Stone Magazine
  C.   MTV
  D.   Time

9. What was Whitney's mother's occupation?
  A.   teacher
  B.   gospel singer
  C.   nurse
  D.   go-go dancer

10. Where was Whitney born? They encountered some controversy by lowering the flag at half staff after she passed away.
  A.   Camden, New Jersey
  B.   Trenton, New Jersey
  C.   Newark, New Jersey
  D.   Jersey City, New Jersey®   

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