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Trivia Quiz - Huey Lewis is "Hip to be Square!"

After just experiencing my fifth Huey Lewis concert, thought I should share my love of him with everyone!! Enjoy

Quiz Number: 4043
Date Submitted: September 04, 2011
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 38.1 percent
Times Taken: 67 times
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Quiz is about: Huey Lewis

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Huey Lewis is Hip to be Square
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1. What is Huey Lewis' full given name?
  A.   Lewis John Hubert Jr.
  B.   Hugh Anthony Cregg III
  C.   Richard Hughmont Lewis IV
  D.   Steven Mark Lewiston

2. Huey went to what university?
  A.   Cornell
  B.   Dartmouth
  C.   UCLA
  D.   San Francisco State

3. How did Huey pay for his first trip to Europe?
  A.   Underwear modeling
  B.   His graduation gift from his grandparents
  C.   Guitar concerts in Washington DC
  D.   He didn't, he was a stowaway

4. To pay for his trip home from Europe, where did Huey play harmonica in the streets?
  A.   Amsterdam
  B.   Geneva
  C.   Madrid
  D.   Venice

5. Before forming his group called The News, in which of the following groups was Huey Lewis not a member?
  A.   Yellow Martini
  B.   Clover
  C.   Slippery Elm
  D.   Huey Lewis and the American Express

6. Who sang a duet with Huey Lewis on "Workin' for a Livin'?"
  A.   Billy Joel
  B.   Elton John
  C.   Garth Brooks
  D.   Kenny Rogers

7. In addition to singing, Huey Lewis has expanded to acting. Who was his co-star and singing partner in the movie "Duets?"
  A.   Jeff Bridges
  B.   Kate Hudson
  C.   Robert Duvall
  D.   Gwyneth Paltrow

8. Huey appeared in this star's video for "Is There Life Out There?"
  A.   Lionel Richie
  B.   Celine Dion
  C.   Reba McEntire
  D.   George Strait

9. What is the name of Huey Lewis' character on "Hot in Cleveland?"
  A.   Johnny Goode
  B.   Johnny Adams
  C.   Johnny Rebel
  D.   Johnny Revere

10. Huey Lewis is a talented intelligent man. As proof, what is true about Huey's SAT score?
  A.   Perfect score on entire test
  B.   Perfect score on Verbal
  C.   Perfect score on Math
  D.   Zero points as he felt nobody should be forced to take this exam®   

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