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Trivia Quiz - Chicago: The Band

What do you know about one of the most influential rock bands of all time? Who doesn't love Chicago!? These guys are in the groove!

Quiz Number: 3534
Date Submitted: November 10, 2010
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Chicago The Band
(Image Source: Chicago)

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1. Five of the six founding members of the band met at and attended what Chicago area university?
  A.   Northwestern
  B.   Loyola
  C.   DePaul
  D.   University of Chicago

2. Which Chicago album featured the number 1 hit, "If You Leave Me Now"?
  A.   Chicago II
  B.   Hot Streets
  C.   Chicago X
  D.   Stone of Sisyphus

3. What was the first album released by Chicago in the 21st century (studio or compilation)?
  A.   The Very Best of: Only the Beginning
  B.   Chicago XXX
  C.   The Box
  D.   Love Songs

4. What was unusual about Chicago's first eleven studio albums?
  A.   They were assigned Roman numerals rather than names
  B.   They featured only 5 songs each
  C.   They were all double albums
  D.   The vinyl was yellow instead of standard black

5. What group provided background vocals for Chicago's 1974 hit, "Wishing You Were Here"? hint: (they also toured with Chicago in 1974 and 1989)
  A.   The Beach Boys
  B.   Commodores
  C.   The Bee Gees
  D.   Jefferson Starship

6. Which Chicago guitarist died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 1978? (rumored to be accidental)
  A.   Keith Howland
  B.   Terry Kath
  C.   Bruce Gaitsch
  D.   Dawayne Bailey

7. What was the title of Chicago's first album? hint: (it was also the band's first recording name)
  A.   25 or 6 to 4
  B.   Chicago Musical Outfit
  C.   Chicago Transit Authority
  D.   College Connection

8. Which musician replaced departed bassist/vocalist Peter Cetera in 1985? hint: (his father played bass and toured with Elvis Presley)
  A.   Jason Scheff
  B.   Donnie Dacus
  C.   Chris Pinnick
  D.   Richard Page

9. In 1973, members of the group had minor roles in which feature film? hint:(they also contributed to the soundtrack)
  A.   Badlands
  B.   Electric Glide in Blue
  C.   Godspell
  D.   Jesus Christ Superstar

10. Which original Chicago drummer left the band in 1990 and has since formed a group called CTA (California Transit Authority)?
  A.   Danny Seraphine
  B.   Tris Imboden
  C.   Laudir de Oliveira
  D.   Drew Hester®   

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