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Trivia Quiz - Hot and Cold Songs

Can you correctly identify the artist of these "Hot and Cold" songs, songs that feature the words "Hot" or "Cold" in the title?

Quiz Number: 3684
Date Submitted: December 14, 2010
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 63.4 percent
Times Taken: 137 times
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Hot and Cold Songs
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1. "Cold As Ice"
  A.   REO Speedwagon
  B.   Foreigner
  C.   Boston
  D.   Kansas

2. "Hot for teacher"
  A.   The Eagles
  B.   Journey
  C.   Van Halen
  D.   The Police

3. "She's So Cold"
  A.   Yes
  B.   The Rolling Stones
  C.   Steely Dan
  D.   The Who

4. "Hot Child in the City"
  A.   Andrew Gold
  B.   Henry Gross
  C.   Edward Bear
  D.   Nick Gilder

5. "Cold Hearted"
  A.   Paula Abdul
  B.   Pink
  C.   Tiffany
  D.   Debbie Gibson

6. "Too Hot"
  A.   Earth, Wind and Fire
  B.   Kool and the Gang
  C.   Commodores
  D.   Four Tops

7. "Cold Hard Heart"
  A.   Fleetwood Mac
  B.   Aerosmith
  C.   ZZ Top
  D.   Bon Jovi

8. "The Kid Is Hot Tonight"
  A.   Toto
  B.   Loverboy
  C.   Duran Duran
  D.   Def Leppard

9. "Cold Gin"
  A.   Guns N Roses
  B.   AC/DC
  C.   Kiss
  D.   Judas Priest

10. "Hot Legs"
  A.   Engelbert Humperdink
  B.   Rod Stewart
  C.   Tom Jones
  D.   Ted Nugent®   

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