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Trivia Quiz - Cher: Diverse Actress and Singer

Ms. Show Business - Cher!

Quiz Number: 405
Date Submitted: May 22, 2006
Quiz Categories: Pop Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: krystal
Average Score: 68.4 percent
Times Taken: 266 times
Taken by Registered Users: 44
Quiz is about: Cher

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Cher Diverse Actress and Singer
(Image Source: Cher Photo by Ian Smith)

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1. Of what Native American heritage was Cher's mother?
  A.   Cherokee
  B.   Lakota
  C.   Sioux
  D.   Seminole

2. Who was Cher's first husband?
  A.   David Geffen
  B.   Duane Allman
  C.   Greg Allman
  D.   Sonny Bono

3. At the age of 30, Cher was diagnosed with what?
  A.   autism
  B.   dyslexia
  C.   sleep apnea
  D.   depression

4. Cher has a fear of what?
  A.   dogs
  B.   flying
  C.   cats
  D.   water (swimming)

5. Who is Cher's daughter with Sonny Bono?
  A.   Charlotte Bono
  B.   Cheryl Bono
  C.   Charity Bono
  D.   Chastity Bono

6. Cher lived with what member of the band, "Kiss" for several years?
  A.   Gene Simmons
  B.   Ace Frehley
  C.   Paul Stanley
  D.   Peter Criss

7. Cher has appeared on what magazine cover at least 13 times?
  A.   "People"
  B.   "Glamour"
  C.   "Cosmopolitan"
  D.   "Rolling Stone"

8. Who is Cher's son with Greg Allman?
  A.   Elliott Blue Allman
  B.   Ellis Blue Allman
  C.   Elroy Blue Allman
  D.   Elijah Blue Allman

9. What was Cher's first #1 single?
  A.   "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves"
  B.   "Dark Lady"
  C.   "If I Could Turn Back TIme"
  D.   "Believe"

10. Who does Cher cite as her favorite actress?
  A.   Lauren Bacall
  B.   Audrey Hepburn
  C.   Katharine Hepburn
  D.   Virginia Madsen®   

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