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Trivia Quiz - David White - Larry Tate of Bewitched

A quiz on the versatile actor David White who became best known to the world through his role of Larry Tate on "Bewitched".

Quiz Number: 4223
Date Submitted: December 28, 2011
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, Bewitched
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: David White

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David White  Larry Tate of Bewitched
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1. Born in Denver, Colorado in 1926, David White served in which branch of the U S forces during World War II?
  A.   Marines
  B.   Army
  C.   Navy
  D.   Air Force

2. David White was no stranger to tragedy throughout his life. How did his wife, Mary Welch die?
  A.   Hit and run accident
  B.   Drowned in a boating accident
  C.   Complications during childbirth
  D.   Brain tumor

3. With which of the following "Bewitched" cast did David White not appear in other productions?
  A.   Elizabeth Montgomery - "Samantha"
  B.   Maurice Evans - "Maurice"
  C.   Dick Sargent - "Darrin" (2)
  D.   Agnes Moorehead - "Endora"

4. Which "Bewitched" character was named after one of David White's children?
  A.   Tabitha - daughter of Darrin and Samantha
  B.   Adam - son of Darrin and Samantha
  C.   Jonathan - son of Larry and Louise Tate
  D.   Serena - Samantha's alternate lifestyle cousin

5. In how many "Bewitched" episodes did David White portray his character of Larry Tate?
  A.   98
  B.   128
  C.   157
  D.   188

6. Referring to White's hair color, what affectionate term did Cousin Serena have for Larry Tate?
  A.   Snow White
  B.   Cotton Top
  C.   Snowy
  D.   Snowball

7. David White's son died as a victim of what terrorist act?
  A.   9/11 Twin Towers destruction
  B.   Oklahoma City Bombing
  C.   U S Embassy Bombing in Beirut
  D.   Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland

8. What was David White's opinion of Larry Tate?
  A.   He thought Larry a selfish and immature character.
  B.   He liked Larry and his "can-do" attitude.
  C.   He wished he had never accepted the role
  D.   Tate reminded him of his agent.

9. David White enjoyed a long relationship with which actress who was relatively well-known during the 1980s?
  A.   Phoebe Cates
  B.   Mia Sara
  C.   Lisa Figus
  D.   Marlee Matlin

10. David White died in 1990, aged 74, from what cause?
  A.   Kidney disease
  B.   Liver disease
  C.   Heart attack
  D.   Lung cancer®   

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