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Trivia Quiz - John Forsythe: Consummate TV Actor

John Forsythe was a TV star for many decades. What do you know about his personal and professional life?

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Date Submitted: April 02, 2010
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Quiz is about: John Forsythe

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John Forsythe Consummate TV Actor
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1. Before he became famous, John Forsythe worked as a waiter in a restaurant with this future star:
  A.   Kirk Douglas
  B.   George C. Scott
  C.   Marlon Brando
  D.   Robert Reed

2. At age 18, John Forsythe became a baseball announcer at:
  A.   Dodgers' Stadium
  B.   Yankees' Stadium
  C.   Ebbett's Field
  D.   Comisky Park

3. Who urged John Forsythe to pursue an acting career?
  A.   His cousin
  B.   His mother
  C.   His father
  D.   His greatgrandmother

4. What was John Forsythe's character's name in the 50s-60s TV sitcom "Bachelor Father?"
  A.   Gene Burke
  B.   Bentley Gregg
  C.   Lucas Spencer
  D.   Jeff Stone Powers

5. For what TV show was John Forsythe the highest paid TV actor for that year?
  A.   The John Forsythe Show
  B.   Bachelor Father
  C.   Charlie's Angels
  D.   Dynasty

6. For what beer company did John Forsythe do voice overs for TV commercials?
  A.   Coors
  B.   Budweiser
  C.   Miller
  D.   Michelob

7. As Blake Carrington, John Forsythe starred in "Dynasty." He was second choice for the role. Who did he replace?
  A.   George Peppard
  B.   Peter Graves
  C.   Micheal Douglas
  D.   Chad Everett

8. How many total episodes did John Forsythe appear in on "Dynasty?"
  A.   124 episodes
  B.   188 episodes
  C.   220 episodes
  D.   260 episodes

9. One of John Forsythe's TV co-stars was also one of his drama students. Who was this lucky actress?
  A.   Linda Evans
  B.   Joan Collins
  C.   Noreen Corcoran
  D.   Kate Jackson

10. John Forsythe turned this hobby into a profitable business:
  A.   painting
  B.   stamp collecting
  C.   jewelry designing
  D.   thoroughbred racehorses®   

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