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Trivia Quiz - Obscure Television Shows of the 1960s

These questions are about forgotten television shows of the 1960s that ran for one or two seasons, sometimes even less, usually because of poor ratings.

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Date Submitted: April 16, 2008
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Author: Samurai Sam
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Obscure Television Shows of the 1960s
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1. This 1964 NBC series actually consisted of three sitcoms, "Karen", "Harris Against the World", and "Tom, Dick, & Mary", all of which took place in the same apartment complex. What was the name of this series?
  A.   1035 Park Place
  B.   255 Shady Acres
  C.   90 Bristol Court
  D.   44 Sunset Strip

2. This series, which appeared on ABC from 1968 through 1969, was about a man whose father was found frozen alive in Alaska after 67 years of suspended animation. The man's father looked exactly like his own grown son. What was the name of this rather far fe
  A.   After The Thaw
  B.   Breaking The Ice
  C.   The Second Hundred Years
  D.   Generations Three

3. This comedy, which ran for two years on NBC, was produced by Desi Arnaz and featured Kay Ballard and Eve Arden as two well-intentioned women who constantly interfered in the lives of their grown children, who were married to each other. Can you name the s
  A.   Meddling Moms
  B.   My Son; Your Daughter
  C.   The Mothers In Law
  D.   Our Children In-Law

4. This western, which aired on ABC from 1968 to 1969, starred Don Murray as a bounty hunter and Otis Young as his partner, a recently freed slave. What was the name of this show?
  A.   The Outcasts
  B.   Two the Hard Way
  C.   The Hard Riders
  D.   The Bounty Hunters

5. This 1964-65 drama series was created by Gene Roddenberry, who went on to create "Star Trek" a few years later. It starred Gary Lockwood, Robert Vaughn, and Richard Anderson as Marine Corps officers. Can you name it?
  A.   Jarheads
  B.   Semper Fi
  C.   The Leathernecks
  D.   The Lieutenant

6. This CBS sitcom, which ran from 1960-62, was one of the first "spinoff" shows in television history and starred Harry Morgan and Cara Williams as a married couple. What was the name of this program?
  A.   For Better or for Worse
  B.   The Harry Morgan Show
  C.   Stuck With Each Other
  D.   Pete & Gladys

7. This rather quirky comedy, which ran on CBS in 1963, featured South African actress Glynis Johns as a mystery writer who solved crimes and generally annoyed her husband Keith, a criminal defense attorney. Can you name this show?
  A.   Marriage Can Be Murder
  B.   Glynis
  C.   The Granvilles
  D.   Glynis & Keith

8. In the 1967-68 television season, viewers could watch this CBS sitcom that starred Ronnie Schell and Joby Baker as radio DJs Larry Clarke and Dave Lewis. What was the name of this show?
  A.   Lewis & Clarke
  B.   Good Morning World
  C.   Up and At 'Em
  D.   Airwaves

9. This short-lived series, which ran for only four months on CBS, starred Frank Converse as Michael Alden, an amnesia victim trying to get his memory back. The only two words Alden can remember comprise the show's title. Do you know what it is?
  A.   Gray Beard
  B.   Madagascar Cliff
  C.   Coronation Street
  D.   Coronet Blue

10. This 1965 ABC comedy starred Burl Ives as a self-made millionaire who hires an unemployed Harvard graduate to teach his children how to fit into high society. What was the name of this show?
  A.   Fitting In
  B.   D.J. Summerhays
  C.   O.K. Crackerby!
  D.   Bob and the Snob®   

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