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Trivia Quiz - Mike Post: TV Theme Composer Extraordinaire

See what you know about musician, arranger and producer Mike Post.

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Date Submitted: November 09, 2010
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Quiz is about: Mike Post

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Mike Post TV Theme Composer Extraordinaire
(Image Source: Mike Post @ Wikipedia)

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1. What is Mike Post's birth name?
  A.   Francis Michele Post
  B.   Leland Michael Postil
  C.   Michael Postner
  D.   Michael David Post

2. Which television variety show served as Mike Post's introduction to the world of television?
  A.   The Andy Williams Show
  B.   The Flip Wilson Show
  C.   The Carol Burnett Show
  D.   The Smothers Brothers Show

3. Which show featured music composed by Mike Post?
  A.   Blossom
  B.   Spenser for Hire
  C.   Three's Company
  D.   Baretta

4. In 1965, Mike Post played guitar on which Sonny and Cher hit?
  A.   The Beat Goes On
  B.   I Got You, Babe
  C.   Baby Don't Go
  D.   But You're Mine

5. Mike Post has won many awards for his work? Which of the following did he earn first?
  A.   Emmy Award
  B.   Grammy Award
  C.   Academy Award
  D.   BMI Award

6. Which television show theme music was NOT composed by Mike Post?
  A.   Magnum P.I.
  B.   Hill Street Blues
  C.   The Rockford Files
  D.   T.J. Hooker

7. At age 23, Post produced and arranged which song by Mason Williams? (It hit # 2 on the charts in 1968)
  A.   Baroque-A-Nova
  B.   Classical Gas
  C.   Sunflower
  D.   Greensleeves

8. In 1997, Mike Post co-produced an album for what hard rock band?
  A.   Bon Jovi
  B.   Van Halen
  C.   Mr. Big
  D.   Guns N Roses

9. Post produced two albums for which country music legend?
  A.   Dolly Parton
  B.   Reba Mcentire
  C.   Tammy Wynette
  D.   Loretta Lynn

10. What band's 2006 "Endless Wire" album featured a song called "Mike Post Theme"?
  A.   The Rolling Stones
  B.   The Who
  C.   Journey
  D.   The Eagles®   

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