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Trivia Quiz - House M D - Season 4

Season 4 of House saw more arcane medical situations, a change of personnel and the death of prominent character. Take ten questions on this acclaimed series.

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Date Submitted: February 22, 2018
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, American TV Dramas, House
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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House M D  Season 4

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1. With the departure of the House team last season, what item does Wilson steal of House and hold to ransom to persuade House to compile another team?
  A.   cane
  B.   red and grey tennis ball
  C.   guitar
  D.   motor bike

2. Which member of House's potential new team was revealed to have been a foster child?
  A.   Amber
  B.   13
  C.   Taub
  D.   Kutner

3. House treats a patient via long-distance as the patient was based where?
  A.   Mt Everest
  B.   Antarctica
  C.   Space shuttle
  D.   Ocean bathysphere

4. Complete the following House quote with the name of an American city - "I don't have to go to _____________ to know it smells."
  A.   Albuquerque
  B.   Detroit
  C.   Pittsburgh
  D.   Newark

5. In Episode 8 a patient of what profession finally had lupus?
  A.   acrobat
  B.   prostitute
  C.   magician
  D.   nun

6. In Episode 9 Wilson is confronted by a patient who wants to sue him for what reason?
  A.   removal of testicles that were not cancerous
  B.   disclosing to his spouse the patient's condition
  C.   administering medicines that changed his personality
  D.   a terminal diagnosis that was wrong

7. In the Christmas episode "It's a Wonderful Life", House allows his team to have Secret Santa but places whose name on all slips of paper?
  A.   His
  B.   Cuddy's
  C.   Wilson's
  D.   Foreman's

8. Which of the following is not revealed about Thirteen during this series?
  A.   bisexuality
  B.   experimental drug use
  C.   she could die of Huntington's
  D.   she is married

9. While watching his favourite soap, House diagnoses a problem with an actor who plays what role?.
  A.   fashion designer
  B.   musician
  C.   doctor
  D.   bartender

10. When Amber dies in the final episode of Season 4, who turns off her life-support system.
  A.   Cuddy
  B.   Wilson
  C.   Thirteen
  D.   House®   

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