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Trivia Quiz - Edith Piaf - French Chanteuse

Edith Piaf's life of struggle and tragedy provided her with the grounding for many stirring performances that won the hearts of audiences around the world.

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Date Submitted: June 13, 2018
Quiz Categories: Music, Singers, French History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Edith Piaf  French Chanteuse

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1. Born in December, 1915 Edith Cassion eventually took the name "Piaf" which means what in English?
  A.   heavenly
  B.   perfect
  C.   sparrow
  D.   survivor

2. Edith Piaf was named after which famous Edith?
  A.   Edith Sitwell - poet
  B.   Edith Roosevelt - wife of President Theodore
  C.   Edith Wilson - wife of President Woodrow
  D.   Edith Cavell - British nurse shot by Germans in WWI

3. Abandoned soon after birth by her mother, Edith Piaf was raised by her grandmother who had what unorthodox occupation?
  A.   circus performer
  B.   brothel owner
  C.   taxidermist
  D.   undertaker

4. Edith Piaf gave birth to her only child at what age?
  A.   14
  B.   17
  C.   35
  D.   43

5. How did Edith Piaf spend World War II in Nazi-occupied France?
  A.   She gave concerts for German officers and in POW camps.
  B.   She was put to work in brothels for German officers.
  C.   She was used by the Gestapo to produce patriotic German songs.
  D.   She became part of the French Underground.

6. As part of a world tour in 1956, Edith Piaf sang on what U S television show?
  A.   The Merv Griffin Show
  B.   Tonight Starring Jack Parr
  C.   The Ed Sullivan Show
  D.   Tonight Starring Steve Allen

7. How did French boxing champion, Marcel Cerdan, one of Piaf's many lovers, meet his tragic end?
  A.   plane crash
  B.   killed in the ring
  C.   drug overdose
  D.   drowned trying to save a child who had been swept out to sea

8. Edith Piaf became addicted to morphine and alcohol as a result of what?
  A.   chronic insomnia
  B.   chronic arthritis
  C.   three car crashes
  D.   her addictive personality

9. Which famous movie star was Edith Piaf's maid of honor for her first marriage in 1957 to Jacques Pills.
  A.   Marlene Dietrich
  B.   Judy Garland
  C.   Susan Hayward
  D.   Ingrid Bergman

10. Edith Piaf died in October, 1963 of liver cancer. What song became her signature tune?
  A.   Hymne a l'amour
  B.   Mon Dieu
  C.   La Vie en Rose
  D.   Non, Je ne Regrette Rien®   

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