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Trivia Quiz - Roy Orbison: Legendary Rock Vocalist

Ten questions about one of rock and roll's all time best singers.

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Date Submitted: October 31, 2008
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll, Singers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Quiz is about: Roy Orbison

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Roy Orbison Legendary Rock Vocalist
(Image Source: Roy Orbison Photo @ Flickr)

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1. Which of the following rock "fashion statements" was started by Roy Orbison?
  A.   dark suits
  B.   sunglasses
  C.   earring
  D.   tattoos

2. What was the first single by Roy Orbison to crack the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart?
  A.   "Oh Pretty Woman"
  B.   "Running Scared"
  C.   "Only the Lonely"
  D.   "Ooby Dooby"

3. What 1964 single by Roy Orbison broke the Beatles' lock on the pop charts in both Great Britain and the United States by going to number one in both countries?
  A.   "In Dreams"
  B.   "Oh Pretty Woman"
  C.   "Blue Bayou"
  D.   "Only the Lonely"

4. Roy Orbison's vocal range spanned how many octaves?
  A.   two
  B.   three
  C.   four
  D.   five

5. Roy Orbison's first wife, Claudette, died in 1966 as the result of what?
  A.   breast cancer
  B.   a house fire
  C.   a motorcycle accident
  D.   a fall from a ladder

6. The album on which Roy Orbison had been working at the time of his death and which was released posthumously was titled:
  A.   "Mystery Girl"
  B.   "You Got It"
  C.   "Lefty Wilbury Sings"
  D.   "Where I Left Off"

7. Shortly before his death, Roy Orbison was in the supergroup The Traveling Wilburys. What 60s recording artist replaced him in that group?
  A.   Dion
  B.   Frankie Valli
  C.   no one. the group went on with just four musicans.
  D.   Frankie Avalon

8. In 1987, Roy Orbison re-recorded his 1961 hit "Crying" as a duet with what female country singer?
  A.   k.d. Lang
  B.   Patty Loveless
  C.   Barbara Mandrell
  D.   K.T. Oslin

9. Roy Orbison recorded a song called "Life Fades Away" that for a number of years was available only on the hard to find soundtrack to what 1987 motion picture?
  A.   "Fatal Attraction"
  B.   "The Big Easy"
  C.   "Less than Zero"
  D.   "Hollywood Shuffle"

10. Roy Orbison's final concert performance was in:
  A.   Ames, Iowa
  B.   Highland Heights, Ohio
  C.   Calaveras, California
  D.   Kissimmee, Florida®   

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