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Trivia Quiz - Celebrities Behaving Badly on Planes

A little quiz on celebrities behaving badly on planes.

Quiz Number: 4282
Date Submitted: January 23, 2012
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Singers
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Celebrities Behaving Badly on Planes
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1. American Airlines has released a statement recently about "an extremely vocal customer" who refused to turn off his phone after being asked to do so. The response: Insult the flight attendents.
  A.   Mel Gibson
  B.   Gabby Giffords
  C.   Alec Baldwin
  D.   Steven Wright

2. He forced a plane to turn back to its parking spot after urinating in the aisle.
  A.   Roman Polanski
  B.   Genieve Dubois
  C.   Gerard Depardieu
  D.   Jean-Claude Van Damme

3. He and his entourage caused a full-blown riot at Heathrow airport after officials tried to boot his companions from the business-class lounge. Seven officers were injured, with one breaking a hand.
  A.   Osama Bin Ladin
  B.   Sheik Omar Sed Mohammed Said
  C.   Snoop Dog
  D.   Jesse Jackson

4. Set to jet-off to the UK with her Black Eyed Peas bandmates in 2007, she was informed by gate agents that she was too drunk to board. A rant at the crew ensued and, she had to be pulled away by friends.
  A.   Amy Winehouse
  B.   Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson)
  C.   Madonna
  D.   Stephanie Maines

5. When frisked by airport security in Heathrow, she frisked the security guard back, claiming it was how to fondle someone.
  A.   Diana Ross
  B.   Whitney Houston
  C.   Demi Moore
  D.   Madonna

6. The large director of cult hits Clerks and Dogma was removed from a flight for being a 'safety risk' after not being able to properly fit into his seat.
  A.   Michael Moore
  B.   Bill Clinton
  C.   Kevin Smith
  D.   Roman Polanski

7. On a flight to London in 2003, she was said to have verbally abused crew members, supposedly de-boarding with her lipstick smeared across her face.
  A.   Courtney Love
  B.   Demi Moore
  C.   Lindsay Lohan
  D.   Diane Ross

8. After British Airways lost one of her bags in 2008, she chucked a true tantrum that included kicking and spitting at police officers.
  A.   Paris Hilton
  B.   Courtney Love
  C.   Naomi Campbell
  D.   Diane Ross

9. He got himself in serious hot water in December of 1994, when he tried to board a plane at New York's JFK airport while carrying an unlicensed pistol (9-millimeter) in his luggage.
  A.   Mel Gibson
  B.   Bruce Willis
  C.   Steven Segal
  D.   Christian Slater

10. 2010, he was banned from flying United Airlines for using a racial slur during a drunken tirade; 2007, he was arrested in the Dublin, Ireland, airport for public intoxication.
  A.   Mel Gibson
  B.   Bruce Willis
  C.   Steven Segal
  D.   Jonathan Rhys-Meyers®   

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