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Trivia Quizzes - American TV Sitcoms

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Sanford and Son BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill1,42090.4
3 The Honeymooners EssentialsAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill1,43373.9
4 TV Sitcom Towns #2American TV Sitcoms  bill17871.7
5 The Office Quotes: U.S. VersionAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill12286.1
6 Mister Ed: Horsin' Around!American TV Sitcoms  bill14176.7
7 WIll and GraceAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill6580.5
8 Designing Women: Fashionable SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill30182
9 Mad About YouAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill20086.2
10 Becker TV SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill21383
11 TV Sitcom Sisters: Guest ActressesAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill3263.8
12 Bosom BuddiesAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill3279.4
13 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage DaughterAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill7675.8
14 That 70s ShowAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill9579.1
15 The King of QueensAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill1,03191.4
16 Rules of EngagementAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill19776.5
17 The Love BoatAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill70480.4
18 Dennis the MenaceAmerican TV Sitcoms, Comedy Movies, Literature, American Culture  bill37876.6
19 Who's the Boss?American TV Sitcoms  bill13086.8
20 Spin City: Political SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill6885.6
21 The New Adventures of Old ChristineAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill20683.8
22 My Favorite MartianAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill9673.9
23 One Day at a TimeAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill27874.8
24 Maude - The 70s TV SeriesAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill44076.5
25 Everybody Loves Raymond: Dysfunction at its Best!American TV Sitcoms  bill53883.3
26 Wings: NBC SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill6476.6
27 Happy Days Characters: FonzieAmerican TV Sitcoms, Fictional Characters, Happy Days  bill1,26572.9
28 Here's LucyAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill17769.4
29 Murphy BrownAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill17177.7
30 The Lucy ShowAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill24471.6
31 Stand-Up Comics Who've Headlined SitcomsAmerican TV Sitcoms, Comedians  bill26592.1
32 The Office: Bizarre U.S. TV SeriesAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill6881.3
33 NewsRadio: Fast-Paced SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill8170.7
34 Hot in Cleveland: Sexy Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms, Hot In Cleveland  bill21677.6
35 The Patty Duke ShowAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill24172.4
36 The Big Bang TheoryAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill19480.7
37 McHale's Navy - Super 60s Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  bill36079.2
38 Family Affair: A Cute Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  bill54282.5
39 That Girl: Spunky Single GirlAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill21888.7
40 Coach: Great 90s Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  bill42273.4
41 The Donna Reed Show - Fun Family 60s SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill40075.8
42 The Danny Thomas Show aka Make Room for DaddyAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill24080.3
43 Father Knows Best: 1950s TV SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill80772.9
44 Just Shoot Me! - Fashionable SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  bill10973.5
45 Gilligan's Island Characters: Thurston Howell IIIAmerican TV Sitcoms, Fictional Characters, Gilligan's Island  bill36956.6
46 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.American TV Sitcoms  bill1,68588.5
47 The Flying Nun was "Habit" Forming!American TV Sitcoms  catherine41664.1
48 Diff'rent Strokes: The Cute Little Sitcom That CouldAmerican TV Sitcoms  catherine46167.5
49 The Munsters BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms  garrett85969.3
50 The Addams Family BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms  garrett80874.9
51 The Beverly Hillbillies Character MatchAmerican TV Sitcoms  garrett74989.4
52 Three's Company Character MatchAmerican TV Sitcoms  garrett52091.4
53 The Addams Family Character MatchAmerican TV Sitcoms  garrett79574.2
54 The Bob Newhart Show - "Hi Bob!"American TV Sitcoms  krystal25476.5
55 Newhart - A Wacky Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  krystal26880.1
56 Married with Children: Wacky 80s Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  dave72692.5
57 ALF: TV AlienAmerican TV Sitcoms  dave21978.1
58 Green Acres' BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms  dana61687.3
59 Too Close for ComfortAmerican TV Sitcoms  dana8280.7
60 The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: TV SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  dana39669.8
61 Family Ties: Fun Family Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  dana61575.7
62 Dear John: Cute American TV SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  dana7268.6
63 F Troop: Wacky 60s Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  dana50675.8
64 My Three Sons - Conservative 60s SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms, TV Sitcoms, My Three Sons  tristan45873.1
65 3rd Rock from the Sun is Hilarious!American TV Sitcoms  charles34982.8
66 Everybody Hates ChrisAmerican TV Sitcoms  charles28785
67 Get Smart: Wacky 60's SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  charles48169.2
68 TV Sitcom Character NicknamesAmerican TV Sitcoms  martha33581.2
69 Mayberry R.F.D. BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms, The Andy Griffith Show  martha98979.7
70 Happy Days BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms, Happy Days  jimbacklund1,12389.9
71 The Monkees Rock n Roll Sitcom Part 2American TV Sitcoms, Rock -n- Roll, The Monkees  lmcubs27060.7
72 Sitcom Theme Songs #1American TV Sitcoms  lmcubs62381.8
73 Sitcom Theme Songs #2American TV Sitcoms  lmcubs30475.1
74 The Dick Van Dyke Show - Oh Rob!American TV Sitcoms  lmcubs18577.1
75 TV Characters: Where Did They Live?TV, Radio & Stage, American TV Sitcoms, Fictional Characters  lmcubs39863.7
76 TV Best FriendsAmerican TV Sitcoms, American TV Dramas, The Andy Griffith Show  lmcubs77786.6
77 Female Sitcom Stars of the 1970sAmerican TV Sitcoms  lmcubs39590.1
78 Female Sitcom Stars of the 1960sAmerican TV Sitcoms  lmcubs27983
79 Female Sitcom Stars of the 1980sAmerican TV Sitcoms  lmcubs39984.8
80 WKRP in Cincinnati - Super 70s Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  lmcubs24882.3
81 Sitcom Dads: Television FathersAmerican TV Sitcoms  lmcubs31785.6
82 Home Improvement CharactersAmerican TV Sitcoms  lmcubs51684.8
83 TV Married CouplesAmerican TV Sitcoms, American TV Dramas  lmcubs35371.4
84 Classic TV CharactersAmerican TV Sitcoms, Fictional Characters  phonerec45783.7
85 Hogan's Heroes Character MatchAmerican TV Sitcoms  phonerec5788.9
86 Hogan's Heroes Character MatchAmerican TV Sitcoms  phonerec65688.2
87 Reba Show - I Am a Survivor!American TV Sitcoms  solitaire53270.2
88 The Partridge Family: When We're Singing!American TV Sitcoms, Pop Music  solitaire79379.2
89 Hazel: Super 60s Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  scarlettem65489.4
90 Full House: TidbitsAmerican TV Sitcoms  soopaman11,61373.5
91 Soap: The 70s TV SeriesAmerican TV Sitcoms  LittleLady20769.7
92 Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" - Soap Opera ParodyAmerican TV Sitcoms  LittleLady6773.3
93 Perfect Strangers - All About BalkiAmerican TV Sitcoms  LittleLady22165.9
94 Welcome Back, Kotter - Sweathogs Delight!American TV Sitcoms  LittleLady39153.6
95 Dobie Gillis: So Many Loves!American TV Sitcoms  LittleLady20654.6
96 Fictional Sitcom AddressesAmerican TV Sitcoms  LittleLady19344.9
97 Fictional Sitcom Addresses Part 2American TV Sitcoms  LittleLady5644.8
98 The Class BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms  LittleLady1347.7
99 Sitcom CouplesAmerican TV Sitcoms  LittleLady47289.3
100 Sitcom NeighborsAmerican TV Sitcoms  LittleLady24083.8
101 Taxi - Great American Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  LittleLady27467.1

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