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Trivia Quiz - Wings: NBC Sitcom

Wings opening theme music was Piano Sonata No. 20 in A major, D. 959, Rondo: Allegretto, composed by Franz Shubert. Very pretty - and catchy, too!

Quiz Number: 3644
Date Submitted: December 06, 2010
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Wings NBC Sitcom
(Image Source: Wings Title Screen)

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1. The setting for "Wings" was the fictional Tom Nevers Field. In what city was it located?
  A.   Nantucket, MA
  B.   Block Island, RI
  C.   Martha's Vineyard, MA
  D.   Westerly, RI

2. What is the name of the airline owned by Joe Hackett?
  A.   Sky One
  B.   Sandpiper Air
  C.   Nantucket Air
  D.   Island Air

3. Helen Chapel runs the lunch counter at the airport. What is her true ambition?
  A.   own an airline
  B.   become a pilot
  C.   own an opera house
  D.   concert cellist

4. Fay has outlived 3 husbands all of whom were named what?
  A.   Bob
  B.   Sam
  C.   George
  D.   John

5. Roy Biggins owns the second airline that services out of Tom Nevers Field. What is that name of Biggins' airline?
  A.   Best Air
  B.   Massair
  C.   Cape Cod Air
  D.   Aeromass

6. Brian has a relationship with Alex Lambert. What is Alex's profession?
  A.   airplane mechanic
  B.   helicopter pilot
  C.   bus driver
  D.   cashier

7. Antonio V. Scarpacci is a big fan of what TV talk show?
  A.   Mary Pat Lee Show
  B.   Jenny Jones Show
  C.   Stacey Summers Show
  D.   Sara Dana Day Show

8. At some point, Lowell moved in with Joe and Brian because his houseboat was destroyed. What happened?
  A.   Roy set it on fire
  B.   a hurricane destroyed it
  C.   Brian sank his houseboat
  D.   his ex-wife blew it up

9. Casey eventually has a relationship with Brian. This broke the heart of whom, who had a big crush on her?
  A.   Roy
  B.   Joe
  C.   Antonio
  D.   Lowell

10. Which of the following does NOT happen in the final episode of "Wings"?
  A.   Joe and Helen temporarily move to Vienna, Austria while Helen attends music school
  B.   Joe sells his airline to Roy
  C.   Joe and Brian's father sets them off on a treasure hunt that leaves them $250K richer
  D.   Casey ends up working at the airport lunch counter®   

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