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Trivia Quiz - Sanford and Son Basics

"Grady, quit sucking your teeth and take this easy quiz!" Hope you like this "Sanford and Son" trivia!

Quiz Number: 401
Date Submitted: May 19, 2006
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Sanford and Son Basics
(Image Source: Sanford & Son @ Baseball Forum)

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1. By what name did Lamont call Fred?
  A.   father
  B.   dad
  C.   pop
  D.   daddy

2. What was Fred's sister-in-law's name?
  A.   Esther
  B.   Ethel
  C.   Eunice
  D.   Evelyn

3. What type of business did Fred and Lamont run?
  A.   dog trainers
  B.   farming
  C.   landscaping
  D.   junk dealers

4. Which of the following was NOT a friend of Fred's?
  A.   Grady
  B.   Melvin
  C.   Shorty
  D.   Bubba

5. Who was Lamont's best friend?
  A.   Roger
  B.   Rollo
  C.   Rosco
  D.   Rodney

6. What did Fred often do when he was stressed out or things weren't going his way?
  A.   pretend that he was climbing the wall
  B.   put his head under the couch pillow
  C.   fake a heart attack
  D.   stand on his head

7. What do the Sanford's use for their business vehicle?
  A.   car
  B.   camper
  C.   van
  D.   pick up truck

8. What would Fred's sister-in-law often do with her friends, much to Fred's chagrin?
  A.   call for a Bible study at Fred's house
  B.   sun themselves in Fred's front yard
  C.   invite themselves to dinner at Fred's
  D.   blow kisses at Fred

9. Who was the Sanford's Puerto Rican neighbor and a good friend of Lamont's?
  A.   Horace
  B.   Hector
  C.   Jose
  D.   Julio

10. What was Fred's favorite derogatory nickname for Lamont?
  A.   chowder head
  B.   dork man
  C.   stupid freak
  D.   big dummy®   

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