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Trivia Quiz - F Troop: Wacky 60s Sitcom!

What do you know abou this wacky 60s sitcom, paleface? I loved F-Troop!

Quiz Number: 3210
Date Submitted: September 24, 2009
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dana
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F Troop Wacky 60s Sitcom
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1. What was the time frame in which F Troop was set?
  A.   1865; immediately following the Civil War
  B.   1860; prior to the Civil War
  C.   1880
  D.   1830

2. What was the name of the fictional United States Army outpost in which F Troop was set?
  A.   Fort Courage
  B.   Fort Victory
  C.   Fort Stability
  D.   Fort Recovery

3. Private First Class Hannibal Shirley Dobbs has many assignments. Which one of these is NOT one of them?
  A.   bugler
  B.   Captain Parmenter's personal assistant
  C.   member of the fort's artillery crew
  D.   horse stable caretaker

4. Sgt. O'Rourke illegally runs the local saloon and has an exclusive-rights treaty with the local Indian tribe to sell their "authentic" souvenirs to tourists. What is his business called?
  A.   O'Rourke Enterprises
  B.   O'Rourke Innovations
  C.   O'Rourke Company
  D.   O'Rourke Incorporated

5. A running gag has Corporal Agarn kicking the fort's cannon in frustration after it misfires, setting it off and sending a cannonball into flight. What does the cannonball always hit?
  A.   the general store
  B.   the lookout tower
  C.   Captain Parmenter's quarters
  D.   the latrine

6. Captain Parmenter's girlfiend, Jane, runs the general store and post office. What is her nickname?
  A.   Rattler Jane
  B.   Calamity Jane
  C.   Cowgirl Jane
  D.   Wrangler Jane

7. What is the name of the tribe of which Chief Wild Eagle and Crazy Cat are members?
  A.   Whosati
  B.   Wherawi
  C.   Hekawi
  D.   Howari

8. Who is the sleepy, obese soldier who is hit on the head repeatedly by Agarn?
  A.   Private Hoffenmueller
  B.   Private Duddleson
  C.   Private Leonard "Wrongo" Starr
  D.   Private MacIntosh

9. Corporal Agarn has many cousins who came to visit. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
  A.   Agarn's Canadian fur-trapper cousin, "Lucky Pierre"
  B.   Agarn's Mexican bandit cousin "El Diablo"
  C.   Agarn's hillbilly moonshiner cousin "Billy Bob"
  D.   Agarn's Russian soldier cousin, "Col. Dimitri Agarnoff"

10. "F Troop" is in some ways a comedy derivative of what John Wayne film?
  A.   Fort Apache
  B.   Dakota
  C.   Rio Grande
  D.   Hondo®   

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