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Trivia Quiz - Maude - The 70s TV Series

How much do you know about this hilarious show? Right on, Maude!

Quiz Number: 2328
Date Submitted: April 04, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Maude  The 70s TV Series
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1. "Maude" was a spin-off of "All in the Family." Of what relation was Maude to Edith Bunker?
  A.   sister
  B.   cousin
  C.   aunt
  D.   no relation, just a good friend

2. The character Maude was played by:
  A.   Bea Arthur
  B.   Jean Stapleton
  C.   Adrienne Barbeau
  D.   Rue McClanahan

3. Of what political party was Maude a member?
  A.   Libertarian
  B.   Green
  C.   Democratic
  D.   Republican

4. During arguments with her husband Walter, Maude would often get the last word with what signature catch phrase?
  A.   "Forget about it, Walter."
  B.   "You can't win this one, Walter."
  C.   "Don't go there, Walter."
  D.   "God'll getcha for that, Walter."

5. Maude's divorced daughter and her son lived with Maude and Walter. What were their names?
  A.   Carol and Phillip
  B.   Carol and Paul
  C.   Karen and Phillip
  D.   Karen and Paul

6. The neighbors of the Findlays were Dr. Arthur Harmon and his wife Vivian. How did Walter originally meet Arthur?
  A.   they were high school class mates
  B.   they worked together at a grocery store
  C.   they were college room mates
  D.   they served together in World War II

7. Maude knew Vivian before they became neighbors. How did they originally become friends?
  A.   they were best friends in college
  B.   they were waitresses at a drive-in restaurant together
  C.   they were high school class mates
  D.   they were members of a local women's organization

8. What was Arthur's nickname for Maude?
  A.   Minnie
  B.   Maudie
  C.   Millie
  D.   Maddie

9. Who was Maude's first housekeeper?
  A.   Marlene Warfield
  B.   Victoria Butterfield
  C.   Mrs. Nell Naugatuck
  D.   Florida Evans

10. "Maude" was known for dealing with a very controversial social amd moral issue? What was it?
  A.   abortion
  B.   alcoholism
  C.   cloning
  D.   gang violence®   

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