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Trivia Quiz - TV Best Friends

Name the best friends of these TV characters from the 50's to the 80's.

Quiz Number: 1258
Date Submitted: May 22, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms, American TV Dramas, The Andy Griffith Show
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 86.8 percent
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TV Best Friends
(Image Source: Eddie Haskel)

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1. Who was Richie Cunningham's best friend?
  A.   Potsie Webber
  B.   Chuck Jones
  C.   Al Smith
  D.   Swifty Watts

2. Who was Laura Petrie's best friend?
  A.   Sally Edwards
  B.   Elizabeth Watson
  C.   Ethel Vance
  D.   Millie Helper

3. Who was Beaver Cleaver's best friend?
  A.   Eddie Haskell
  B.   Marky Smith
  C.   Gilbert Bates
  D.   Kevin Sampson

4. Who was Fred Flintstone's best friend?
  A.   Stretch Slagg
  B.   Barney Rubble
  C.   George Boulder
  D.   Rock Stone

5. Who was Major Anthony Nelson's best friend?
  A.   Bob Harding
  B.   Patrick Evers
  C.   Bill Johns
  D.   Roger Healey

6. Who was Thomas Magnum's best friend?
  A.   Rick Wright
  B.   Johnathon Hong
  C.   Apollo Zeus
  D.   Orville Canton

7. Who was Mary Richards's best friend?
  A.   Edie Slaughter
  B.   Rhoda Morgenstern
  C.   Phyl Kirk
  D.   Julie Marshall

8. Who was Wally Cleaver's best friend?
  A.   Eddie Haskell
  B.   Whitey Whitman
  C.   Bill Nilsen
  D.   Rick Royse

9. Who was Barney Fife's girlfriend's best friend?
  A.   Karen Desmond
  B.   Jill Lansing
  C.   Helen Crump
  D.   Judy Dahl

10. Who was Andy Taylor's girlfriend's best friend?
  A.   Bobby Sue
  B.   Mary Lynn
  C.   Kathy Ann
  D.   Thelma Lou®   

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