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Trivia Quiz - Mister Ed: Horsin' Around!

Trivia questions about Mister Ed, the talking horse!

Quiz Number: 5568
Date Submitted: November 26, 2015
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Mister Ed Horsin Around
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1. In what decade did the Mister Ed sitcom originally air?
  A.   1950s
  B.   1960s
  C.   1970s
  D.   1980s

2. What was the name of Mr. Ed's owner?
  A.   Wilbur
  B.   Willie
  C.   Walter
  D.   Warren

3. What was interesting and unique about Mr. Ed?
  A.   he could talk
  B.   he could sing
  C.   he could make a phone call
  D.   all of the above

4. Mr. Ed was generally known as a troublemaker and frequently put Wilbur in embarrassing circumstances. Which of the following crazy situations did Mr. Ed create?
  A.   Ed decides he feels rejected and unwanted so he joins the beatniks on the beach.
  B.   Ed decides to get a job selling real estate by phone
  C.   Ed runs away to work at the kiddy park because Wilbur wont take him to Mexico
  D.   all of the above

5. What was Wilbur's wife's name?
  A.   Charlotte
  B.   Clara
  C.   Carol
  D.   Claire

6. Which of the following stars never appeared as a guest star in the Mister Ed sitcom?
  A.   Mel Brooks
  B.   Clint Eastwood
  C.   Donna Douglas
  D.   George Burns

7. Bamboo Harvester was the name of the horse that starred in the Mister Ed sitcom. What breed of horse was Bamboo Harvester?
  A.   Dutch Heavy Draft
  B.   Arabian
  C.   Tennesse Walker
  D.   Palamino

8. In the first episode of Mister Ed, Wilbur expresses an inability to understand how a horse could possibly talk, what explanation does Ed give?
  A.   "I can't explain it!"
  B.   "The story is too long for me to tell!"
  C.   "Don't try. It's bigger than both of us!"
  D.   none of the above

9. What was Wilbur's occupation?
  A.   shoe salesman
  B.   veterinarian
  C.   architect
  D.   horse trainer

10. On what network did Mister Ed originally air?
  A.   The CW
  B.   ABC
  C.   Fox
  D.   CBS®   

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