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Trivia Quizzes - Drama Movies

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Forrest Gump Movie QuotesComedy Movies, Drama Movies  bill40780.8
3 Apocalypse Now ... And Forever - A Tribute to the Legendary FilmDrama Movies  dave15875.6
4 Alfred Hitchcock: Personal FileDrama Movies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersAlfred Hitchcock  phonerec11360.5
5 Gone With The Wind QuotesDrama Movies  LittleLady34873.3
6 Rear Window: Hitchcock ClassicDrama Movies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers  LittleLady40770.8
7 It's a Wonderful Life Movie QuotesDrama Movies, Christmas Movies  LittleLady34179.4
8 Who Played Scrooge? Part 2Movie Stars, Drama Movies, Christmas Movies  LittleLady6447
9 Top Gun Movie TidbitsDrama Movies  tazzytina97778.6
10 Wuthering Heights: The MovieDrama Movies  Hayley12170
11 Great Films about LawyersComedy Movies, Drama Movies  GrantBeagle23063.8
12 Holiday Affair: Nice Christmas MovieDrama Movies, Christmas Movies  0zero012175.5
13 Con Air: Character-Actor Match GameDrama Movies  Secret_Author8871.4
14 Looking For Mr. Goodbar Movie FactsDrama Movies  jasmin9077
15 Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonDrama Movies  grant22851859.8
16 Casablanca: Classic FilmDrama Movies  grant22844371.3
17 Movie Potpourri IIComedy Movies, Drama Movies, Adventure Movies  grant22813255.2
18 Leonardo DiCaprio - Hollywood SuperstarMovies, Movie Stars, Drama MoviesLeonardo DiCaprio  grant2284442.5
19 Tony Curtis - What a Life!Movie Stars, Drama MoviesTony Curtis  grant2285154.9
20 Steven Spielberg - Renowned Film DirectorMovies, Horror Movies, Drama Movies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Fantasy Movies, Adventure Movies, American CultureSteven Spielberg  grant22812649
21 Kathleen Turner - Luscious ActorMovies, Drama Movies, Adventure MoviesKathleen Turner  grant2283855
22 The French ConnectionDrama Movies  barr147116975.4
23 Saturday Night Fever: The MovieDrama Movies, Musical Movies  FRANKL19651,09359.3
24 The Shawshank Redemption: The BasicsDrama Movies  FRANKL19651,00665.8
25 Taps: Movie BasicsDrama Movies  FRANKL19653164.8
26 ChocolatDrama Movies  zendyk34763.9
27 August Rush Drama Movies  zendyk42748.2
28 Tap Drama Movies  zendyk2270.5
29 Karate Kid: (1984) Drama Movies  zendyk27757.5
30 Karate Kid: (2010)Drama Movies  zendyk38466.5
31 CrashDrama Movies  zendyk13355.5
32 Tortilla Soup Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk30040
33 Sleepless in Seattle Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk24165.2
34 The Preacher's Wife Comedy Movies, Drama Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk38051.9
35 Star Trek: Generations Drama Movies  zendyk1943.7
36 The Tic Code Drama Movies  zendyk945.6
37 Spanglish Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk30659.5
38 Regarding Henry Drama Movies  zendyk18873.1
39 White Nights Drama Movies  zendyk2155.2
40 The Karate Kid, Part IIDrama Movies  zendyk9660
41 Akeelah and the BeeMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk65060.6
42 Music of the HeartDrama Movies  zendyk17357.4
43 As Good As It GetsComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk17464.1
44 ArrangedDrama Movies  zendyk1763.5
45 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?Drama Movies  zendyk30762.9
46 To Sir, With LoveDrama Movies  zendyk41161.9
47 Little ManhattanComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk18465.9
48 The Blue ButterflyDrama Movies  zendyk1953.2
49 DaveComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk7569.9
50 Three WishesDrama Movies, Fantasy Movies  zendyk628.3
51 Now and Then (Super Fan Version)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk4264.3
52 Now and Then (Easy Version)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk5884.5
53 Sleeping with the EnemyMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk15570.6
54 Footloose (1984)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk14162.8
55 The Bridges of Madison CountyMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk18669.4
56 The Jazz SingerDrama Movies  zendyk2856.8
57 The Shunning: Part OneDrama Movies  zendyk4564.7
58 The Shunning: Part TwoDrama Movies  zendyk1260.8
59 Billy ElliotDrama Movies  zendyk30354.4
60 Children of a Lesser GodDrama Movies  zendyk3351.2
61 Little BuddhaDrama Movies  zendyk9254.8
62 The Magic of Belle Isle: Part OneDrama Movies  zendyk10669.4
63 The Magic of Belle Isle: Part TwoDrama Movies  zendyk3657.2
64 Mistaken IdentityDrama Movies  zendyk1061
65 Eye of the DolphinDrama Movies  zendyk675
66 A Walk on the MoonDrama Movies  zendyk2559.6
67 Down in the Delta: Part OneDrama Movies  zendyk1760
68 Down in the Delta: Part TwoMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk2166.2
69 Not Without My DaughterDrama Movies  zendyk24558.2
70 The War: Part OneDrama Movies  zendyk538
71 ImpromptuDrama Movies  zendyk668.3
72 The Family Man: (Easy Version)Drama Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk7360.7
73 The Family Man: (Fanatic's Version)Drama Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk7965.2
74 Its A Wonderful Life: Easy VersionDrama Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk13672.5
75 It's a Wonderful Life: Devotee's VersionDrama Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk9754
76 It's a Wonderful Life: George's Alternate RealityDrama Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk8385.7
77 Children in the CrossfireDrama Movies  zendyk383.3
78 Waiting to Exhale: Part OneComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk31355
79 Waiting to Exhale: Part TwoComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk14662.9
80 Saving Sarah CainDrama Movies  zendyk673.3
81 Billy JackDrama Movies  zendyk10260
82 The Breakfast ClubComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk17756.2
83 Changing LanesDrama Movies  zendyk1345.4
84 Elizabethtown (Easy Version)Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk1487.1
85 Elizabethtown (Fanatic's Version)Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk2064
86 SabahDrama Movies  zendyk1152.7
87 The Bodyguard: Easy VersionDrama Movies  zendyk36763.1
88 The Bodyguard: Super Fan VersionDrama Movies  zendyk5464.1
89 Take the LeadMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk27748
90 Like Stars on EarthMovies, Drama Movies, Musical Movies  zendyk29459.5
91 To Sir With Love 2Movies, Movies: By Decade, Drama Movies  zendyk1646.3
92 The Lake HouseMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk3763.2
93 The Secret Garden (1993)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk5274.8
94 Forrest Gump: "Simple" VersionMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk7276.7
95 Forrest Gump: Devotee's VersionMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk5858.3
96 Footloose (2011)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk29464.4
97 Grand CanyonMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk562
98 The Dress Code (AKA Bruno)Movies, Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk681.7
99 12 Angry Men (1957)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk14454.2
100 Man, Woman, and ChildMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk380
101 HoosiersDrama Movies, Basketball  dartjock23472.6

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