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Trivia Quiz - It's a Wonderful Life: George's Alternate Reality

Here's a quiz specifically about the reality George encountered when he suddenly "hadn't been born". Have fun!

Quiz Number: 5225
Date Submitted: December 24, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies, Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 85.8 percent
Times Taken: 84 times
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Its a Wonderful Life Georges Alternate Reality
(Image Source: It's a Wonderful Life Title Card @ wikipedia)

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1. In George's alternate reality, Bedford Falls was called:
  A.   Bedford City
  B.   Potter's Field
  C.   Pottersville
  D.   Potter Park

2. In George's alternate reality, his mother:
  A.   had an actual boarding house
  B.   was dead
  C.   had remarried
  D.   was in an insane asylum

3. In George's alternate reality, Mr. Gower:
  A.   had served 20 years in prison for poisoning a kid
  B.   sold matches on the street
  C.   was dead
  D.   was in an insane asylum

4. In George's alternate reality, Uncle Billy:
  A.   was dead
  B.   was in an insane asylum
  C.   was remarried
  D.   had taken over the Building and Loan

5. In George's alternate reality, there was a ______ where Bailey Park had been.
  A.   cemetery
  B.   golf course
  C.   landfill
  D.   slum

6. In George's alternate reality, Mary:
  A.   was married to Sam Wainwright
  B.   had never married
  C.   was dead
  D.   was in an insane asylum

7. In George's alternate reality, the house that he and Mary had lived in:
  A.   had been empty for 20 years
  B.   had been made into a casino
  C.   had a different family in it
  D.   had been torn down

8. In George's alternate reality, Bailey's Building and Loan:
  A.   had gone out of business
  B.   had never existed
  C.   was owned by Potter
  D.   was run by Uncle Billy

9. In George's alternate reality, Martini's was called:
  A.   Bill's
  B.   Henry's
  C.   Nick's
  D.   Pat's

10. In George's alternate reality, Ernie:
  A.   was in an insane asylum
  B.   lived alone in a shack
  C.   was dead
  D.   was in prison for robbery®   

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