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Trivia Quiz - Forrest Gump: Devotee's Version

Here's a quiz for those who have watched "Forrest Gump" multiple me!

Quiz Number: 5311
Date Submitted: April 02, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies, Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 58.2 percent
Times Taken: 60 times
Taken by Registered Users: 3

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Forrest Gump Devotees Version
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1. On what street did Jenny's grandmother live?
  A.   Creekmore Ave.
  B.   Greenbow Lane
  C.   Jasper Road
  D.   Lakeview Circle

2. What was the number on Forrest's football jersey?
  A.   88
  B.   53
  C.   44
  D.   17

3. According to Forrest, the best thing about meeting the president was:
  A.   being on TV
  B.   the food
  C.   having all the free soda he could drink
  D.   shaking hands with him

4. What was Bubba's real name?
  A.   Buford Benjamin Black
  B.   Benjamin Buford Blue
  C.   Belford Boris Brown
  D.   Beaumont Brian Blue

5. What was Jenny's address?
  A.   1947 Henry St, Apt 4
  B.   7194 James St, Apt. 7
  C.   4197 Robert Lane, Apt. 12
  D.   9174 William Circle, Apt. 9

6. What was Jenny's stage name when she sang folk songs in the nude?
  A.   Bobbie Dylan
  B.   Ramblin' Jackie Elliott
  C.   Arline Guthrie
  D.   Hobo Jane

7. According to Lt. Dan, the one item of G.I. gear that could make the difference between life and death was:
  A.   boots
  B.   gun
  C.   helmet
  D.   socks

8. Who played the part of Forrest's son?
  A.   Joseph Mazzello
  B.   Haley Joel Osment
  C.   Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  D.   Elijah Wood

9. Forrest came to the conclusion that all the running he did was about:
  A.   finding himself
  B.   meeting new people
  C.   putting the past behind him
  D.   seeing the country

10. What was the name of Lt. Dan's fiancee?
  A.   Debra
  B.   Lillian
  C.   Mary
  D.   Susan®   

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