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Trivia Quiz - Holiday Affair: Nice Christmas Movie

Wrap up this trivia quiz about the actors, characters, and plot of the Christmas classic, "Holiday Affair."

Quiz Number: 2964
Date Submitted: December 19, 2008
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies, Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: 0zero0
Average Score: 74.7 percent
Times Taken: 130 times
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Holiday Affair Nice Christmas Movie
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1. What year was "Holiday Affair" released?
  A.   1949
  B.   1950
  C.   1952
  D.   1953

2. In what city was "Holiday Affair" set?
  A.   Chicago
  B.   Washington, DC
  C.   New York
  D.   Los Angeles

3. What was Robert Mitchum's character's name?
  A.   Clint Tollinger
  B.   Jim Garry
  C.   Steve Mason
  D.   Jeff McCloud

4. What was the name of the actress that played opposite Robert Mitchum as the character Connie Ennis?
  A.   Rosemary Clooney
  B.   Dorothy McGuire
  C.   Janet Leigh
  D.   Vera Ellen

5. Robert Mitchum's character was a clerk at Crowley's Department Store. What job did Connie Ennis have?
  A.   teacher
  B.   comparative shopper
  C.   nurse
  D.   she was unemployed

6. What was the name of Connie Ennis' wealthy, lawyer fiancee?
  A.   David Carlson
  B.   Carl Davis
  C.   Don Hartman
  D.   John Weaver

7. What did Robert Mitchum's character do to get fired from his job?
  A.   he was late for work
  B.   he punched a store guard
  C.   he refunded money for a customer
  D.   he stole money

8. What was Connie Ennis' son's name?
  A.   Tommy
  B.   Johnny
  C.   Timmy
  D.   Jimmy

9. What present does Robert Mitchum's character give to Connie Ennis's son?
  A.   football
  B.   baseball glove
  C.   train set
  D.   puzzle

10. The police arrested Robert Mitchum's character for possession of what stolen objects?
  A.   earrings
  B.   salt and pepper shakers
  C.   silver candlesticks
  D.   wallet and keys®   

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