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Trivia Quiz - To Sir With Love 2

"To Sir With Love 2" is every bit as wonderful as the original. After all, it's a Sidney Poitier movie! One of the neatest things about this film is being able to see Lulu and Judy Geeson looking prettier than ever!

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Date Submitted: February 26, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies, Movies: By Decade, Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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To Sir With Love 2
(Image Source: to sir with love 2 movie poster @ wikipedia)

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1. In his 30 years at North Quay School, how many students had Mark taught?
  A.   over 900
  B.   1500
  C.   3100
  D.   just under 600

2. What was the name of the old flame Mark wanted to find again in Chicago?
  A.   Anna Densman
  B.   Emma Dawson
  C.   Emily Douglas
  D.   Lily Dubois

3. Which of Mark's students claimed to be able to procure anything?
  A.   Davanon
  B.   Emory
  C.   Laredo
  D.   Lombardi

4. Which of the following was NOT true of Camilli?
  A.   He liked growing stuff.
  B.   He thought he was a nobody.
  C.   He used passive resistance against bullies.
  D.   He loved writing short stories.

5. Which of Mark's students thought she was "the hottest thing" there?
  A.   Guzman
  B.   Mariner
  C.   Rodriguez
  D.   Torrado

6. Which student didn't graduate with his class?
  A.   Davanon
  B.   Emory
  C.   Laredo
  D.   Lombardi

7. Which of the following was NOT true of Evie Hillis?
  A.   She had a little brother to take care of.
  B.   She got a job at the Clarion.
  C.   Her mother was in jail.
  D.   She read an original poem in class.

8. Which of the following was NOT true of Wilsie Carrouthers?
  A.   He turned a gun over to Mr. Thackeray.
  B.   His mother worked two jobs.
  C.   When he graduated, he worked for a federal outreach program.
  D.   His father was in prison for murder.

9. What was the name of the garden where Mark saw one of his students?
  A.   Camille's Community Garden
  B.   Community Growers' Co-Op
  C.   Community Peace Gardens
  D.   Slum Busters Community Garden

10. Mark found the woman for whom he was looking and she introduced him to:
  A.   his daughter
  B.   her husband
  C.   her nephew
  D.   his son®   

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