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Trivia Quiz - Grand Canyon

This poignant, moving 1991 film features a star-studded cast, including Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, and Alfre Woodard.

Quiz Number: 5328
Date Submitted: April 10, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies, Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Grand Canyon
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1. What song is Mack listening to in his car after the game?
  A.   Born in the USA
  B.   Freedom
  C.   Lawyers, Guns, and Money
  D.   Running on Empty

2. What show is on TV at Otis' house when his mother falls asleep in front of it?
  A.   Barney Miller
  B.   Cheers
  C.   One Day At a Time
  D.   Sanford and Son

3. What is the tune Claire hums as she gets baby clothes from the attic?
  A.   Fly Me To the Moon
  B.   How High the Moon
  C.   Paper Moon
  D.   Moonglow

4. What is the name of the troubled, lonely boy Roberto reaches out to at camp?
  A.   Jackson
  B.   Keller
  C.   Raymond
  D.   Wilson

5. According to Simon, his father's face looked like:
  A.   he had a facelift and the crane broke
  B.   a suitcase that had gone a million miles
  C.   a test pattern on a TV
  D.   a pig with dentures

6. According to Dee, the way you get in trouble is:
  A.   getting too involved in the lives of others
  B.   thinking how nice it would be to be happy more
  C.   giving away too much of your power
  D.   wanting what you don't have

7. Mack tells Roberto this is one of the harder things he will learn in life:
  A.   being a good father
  B.   keeping a marriage together
  C.   making a left turn in L.A.
  D.   standing up for his beliefs

8. Someone calls Mack's number in the middle of the night asking for:
  A.   Donald
  B.   Feiruz
  C.   Guido
  D.   Juan

9. According to Davis, when art lies:
  A.   it's no longer art
  B.   most people believe it
  C.   it becomes worthless
  D.   it stops making sense

10. According to Davis, all of life's riddles:
  A.   are unanswerable
  B.   are answered in the movies
  C.   can be answered in modern literature
  D.   are best solved by children®   

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