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Trivia Quizzes - Movie Stars

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Celebrity Birthdates: 1960sMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill9441.2
3 Odd Hollywood MarriagesMovie Stars, Culture  grant228386.7
4 Strange Celebrity DeathsMovie Stars, Television Stars  Samurai Sam9654.1
5 Celebrity Mish-MashMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill41057.6
6 Reese Witherspoon - Versatile ActressMovies, Movie Stars  grant2282854.3
7 Show Business: There's No Business Like It!Movie Stars, Jazz and Blues, Big Band, Comedians  eorounds23717.8
8 Who Played Scrooge?Movie Stars, Drama Movies, Christmas Movies  bill54960
9 Supper Club Western TriviaMovie Stars, Western Movies, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  Danny2766.3
10 Celebrities Who Died on HolidaysMovie Stars, Holidays  madman66937
11 Rudolph Valentino - The Great Latin LoverMovie Stars  grant2281676.9
12 Actors Who Turned Down Premier Movie RolesMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  FRANKL196556934.4
13 Actors Who've Played the Frankenstein MonsterMovie Stars, Horror Movies  martha63950.9
14 Obscure Hollywood MarriagesMovie Stars  grant2284569.6
15 Tom Hanks - Hollywood's Mr Nice GuyMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  grant2282850.4
16 Name the Jessica!Movie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs6472.2
17 Humphrey Bogart Movie QuotesMovies, Movie Stars  grant2283259.4
18 Movie Stars Originally in Soap OperasMovie Stars, TV Soap Operas  garrett12343.2
19 Famous July 4th BirthdaysSports, Movie Stars, Authors, Television Stars  solitaire5458
20 Disney Cartoon CharactersMovie Stars, Animated TV Series & Cartoons, Fictional Characters, Animated Movies  grant22817444.8
21 Celebrities: Their Celebrity ChildrenMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs34861.6
22 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #2Movie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs20155.9
23 Howards & Howies: Which One is Which?Movie Stars, Pop Music, Fictional Characters  Samurai Sam8151.2
24 Weird Celebrity Baby Names Part 1Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs9554.6
25 Australian ActorsMovie Stars  lmcubs14076.9
26 Rat Pack - Still Havin' Fun!Movie Stars, Pop Music  lmcubs10562.4
27 Actors Who've Played the VampireMovie Stars, Horror Movies  martha74050.5
28 Actors Who've Played the WerewolfMovie Stars, Horror Movies  martha60254.4
29 Great Chick Flicks: Who Didn't Star in Them?Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  GrantBeagle15560.1
30 1980s & 1990s Actress-Character Match GameMovie Stars, Movies: By Decade, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  GrantBeagle62576.8
31 Famous People Named MartinMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs42272.8
32 Who Played Scrooge? Part 2Movie Stars, Drama Movies, Christmas Movies  LittleLady6546.6
33 1939: The Greatest Year in Film History!Movies, Movie Stars  bill45870.8
34 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #3Movie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem13677.2
35 Famous SiblingsHistory, Movie Stars  grant22829255.8
36 Clark Gable and Carole Lombard - Hollywood LoversMovie Stars  grant2288654.4
37 Actors Who've Played the MummyMovie Stars, Horror Movies  bill22549
38 Celebrity Drunks!Movie Stars, American Culture, Television Stars  KenKraska20949.4
39 Famous People Named JonesMovie Stars, Culture, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs28977.9
40 Celebrities' Former ProfessionsMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill11939.2
41 The Marx Brothers: Absolute Comic GeniusTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, Comedians  bill18160.8
42 Weird Celebrity Baby Names Part 2Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs4852.5
43 Silly Tattoos on CelebritiesMovie Stars, Singers  patrickryan3249.7
44 Matthew McConaughey - Man of many rolesMovies, Movie Stars  grant2282253.2
45 Canadian CelebritiesMovie Stars, Comedy Movies, Comedians  8173.2
46 W. C. Fields - Comedy MasterMovies, Movie Stars, Comedy Movies  grant2283761.4
47 Western Movies Trivia QuizMovie Stars, Western Movies, Old West Lawmen & Outlaws, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  grant228872.5
48 Celebrity RoommatesMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs13351.1
49 Celebrity Couples' Age DifferencesMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill26834
50 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #4Movie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem13168.2
51 The Baldwin Brothers - An Acting FamilyMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs2,98439.8
52 Famous Women Married to Famous MenMovie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem18483.2
53 Where Were These Celebrities Born?Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars  scarlettem8659.4
54 Which Actor Played These Roles?Movie Stars  cindilee14875.6
55 Last Movie Roles for Select StarsTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Movie Stars  Samurai Sam3269.4
56 Actors & Actresses Last Movie & TV RolesMovie Stars, Television Stars  Samurai Sam69657.9
57 Celebrities Behaving Badly on PlanesMovie Stars, Singers  patrickryan5956.6
58 Jason AlexanderMovie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsJason Alexander  bill8642.1
59 Woody Allen: American Screenwriter & Film DirectorMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersWoody Allen  Secret_Author7335.8
60 Kirstie AlleyMovie Stars, Television StarsKirstie Alley  bill3262.8
61 Ursula Andress: Legendary Sex Symbol!Movie StarsUrsula Andress  bill3160
62 Julie Andrews: Respected & Versatile ActressMusic, Movie StarsJulie Andrews  dave25361.4
63 Jennifer Aniston: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Friends, Television StarsJennifer Aniston  :PTasha:P17965.5
64 The Tragedy of Roscoe "Fatty" ArbuckleAmerican History, Movie StarsRoscoe C Arbuckle  grant2284450.9
65 Jean Arthur - Queen of ComedyMovie StarsJean Arthur  grant2283157.1
66 Ed AsnerMovie Stars, Television Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowEd Asner  bill6457.8
67 Fred Astaire: Dance and Screen LegendMovie Stars, DancersFred Astaire  bill30855.5
68 Frankie Avalon: Rockin' Teen Idol & Star!Movie Stars, SingersFrankie Avalon  Secret_Author35151.3
69 Lauren Bacall: Legendary ActressMovie Stars, BroadwayLauren Bacall  dana12656.7
70 Kevin BaconMovie StarsKevin Bacon  bill9857.7
71 Christian Bale: Acting Career HighlightsMovie StarsChristian Bale  bill8570.2
72 Anne Bancroft: Sophisticated ActressMovie StarsAnne Bancroft  dana19548.5
73 Brigitte Bardot Movies, Movie StarsBrigitte A Bardot  grant2286355.2
74 Drew Barrymore: She's Magical!Movie StarsDrew Barrymore  bill18555.1
75 Kathy Bates: Talented TV and Film ActressMovie Stars, Television StarsKathy Bates  0zero010160.1
76 Warren Beatty - Hollywood IconMovies, Movie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersWarren Beatty  grant2282060
77 Ingrid Bergman: Sweden's Illustrious Gift to HollywoodMovie StarsIngrid Bergman  dana10059
78 Shirley Temple: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsShirley Temple Black  0zero011253.3
79 Shirley Temple: Her Career HighlightsMovie StarsShirley Temple Black  0zero024346.1
80 Linda Blair: Durable ActressMovie StarsLinda Blair  bill13352.2
81 Humphrey Bogart: Tough Guy ActorMovie StarsHumphrey Bogart  scarlettem20460.1
82 Ernest BorgnineMovie Stars, Television StarsErnest Borgnine  bill7160.1
83 Peter BoyleMovie Stars, Television StarsPeter Boyle  bill6552.8
84 Marlon Brando: Tough Guy ActorMovie StarsMarlon Brando  bill14363
85 Wilford Brimley: Enduring American ActorMovie StarsWilford Brimley  0zero02949.7
86 Charles Bronson--TV and Film Tough GuyTV, Radio & Stage, Movie StarsCharles Bronson  0zero033167.1
87 George Burns: Gone But Not ForgottenMovie StarsGeorge Burns  0zero031937.6
88 Richard Burton: Hard-Living ActorMovie StarsRichard Burton  bill4861.9
89 Gary Busey: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsGary Busey  phonerec5151.6
90 Nicholas Cage: Award-Winning ActorMovie StarsNicolas Cage  0zero010141.7
91 James Cagney: Quintessential Tough GuyMovie Stars, DancersJames Cagney  bill12264.3
92 Kim Cattrall: Sexy in the City!TV, Radio & Stage, Movie StarsKim Cattrall  trickymutha4239.3
93 Stockard Channing: Versatile ActressMovie StarsStockard Channing  0zero03352.7
94 Charlie Chaplin: Iconic Film ActorMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersCharlie Chaplin  bill19452.6
95 Chevy Chase: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsChevy Chase  lagunaxgirl7738.8
96 Julie Christie: Award-Winning ActressMovie StarsJulie Christie  0zero04347.2
97 George Clooney - Debonaire StarMovies, Movie StarsGeorge Clooney  grant2282357.4
98 Claudette Colbert: Screwball Comedy QueenMovie StarsClaudette Colbert  bill7150.8
99 Sean Connery: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsSean Connery  0zero06349
100 Sean Connery: Movie RolesMovie StarsSean Connery  0zero011737
101 Gary Cooper: Hollywood IconMovie StarsGary Cooper  scarlettem26557.4

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