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Trivia Quiz - Actors Who've Played the Mummy

I'll give you the name of the movie and the year, you give me the name of the actor who played the mummy.

Quiz Number: 2877
Date Submitted: October 25, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Horror Movies
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 49 percent
Times Taken: 226 times
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Actors Whove Played the Mummy
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1. The Mummy (1932):
  A.   Lon Chaney
  B.   Colin Clive
  C.   Bela Lugosi
  D.   Boris Karloff

2. The Mummy's Tomb (1942):
  A.   Dick Foran
  B.   Lon Chaney Jr
  C.   Bela Lugosi
  D.   Boris Karloff

3. The Mummy's Ghost (1944):
  A.   Robert Lowery
  B.   John Carradine
  C.   Lon Chaney Jr
  D.   Boris Karloff

4. The Mummy's Curse (1944):
  A.   Lon Chaney Jr
  B.   Boris Karloff
  C.   Cedric Hardwicke
  D.   Lionel Atwill

5. Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (1955):
  A.   Vincent Price
  B.   Lon Chaney Jr
  C.   Boris Karloff
  D.   Eddie Parker

6. The Mummy (1959):
  A.   Vincent Price
  B.   Peter Cushing
  C.   Christopher Lee
  D.   Forrest Tucker

7. Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (1971) (UK film):
  A.   Valerie Leon
  B.   Rosalie Crutchley
  C.   Lisa Pelikan
  D.   Lynn Redgrave

8. The Awakening (1980):
  A.   Susannah York
  B.   Stephanie Zimbalist
  C.   Jill Townsend
  D.   Adrienne Barbeau

9. "The Mummy" (1999):
  A.   Brendan Fraser
  B.   John Hannah
  C.   Jet Li
  D.   Arnold Vosloo

10. "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" (2008):
  A.   Jet Li
  B.   Arnold Vosloo
  C.   Brendan Fraser
  D.   Luke Ford®   

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