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Trivia Quiz - Clark Gable and Carole Lombard - Hollywood Lovers

Their love affair was fiery and ultimately ended in tragedy but while it lasted Clark Gable and Carole Lombard showed the world true passion. Take this quiz on this Hollywood royal couple.

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Date Submitted: June 29, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Clark Gable and Carole Lombard  Hollywood Lovers

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1. What affectionate nicknames did Gable and Lombard have for each other?
  A.   Toots and Boots
  B.   Nan and Pops
  C.   King and Queenie
  D.   Ma and Pa

2. In what film did Carole Lombard first appear opposite Clark Gable?
  A.   No Man of Her Own
  B.   I Take this Woman
  C.   No More Orchids
  D.   My Man Godfrey

3. The impact each had on the other during the filming was such that Carole Lombard presented Clark Gable with what memento?
  A.   A fake Academy Award for bad acting
  B.   A photo of herself in a bathing suit
  C.   A smoked ham with his photograph on it
  D.   A star with her name on it

4. Their first date finished with a quarrel that saw Gable send Lombard what as a peace offering?
  A.   Pearl earrings
  B.   Two white diamonds
  C.   A Chevrolet Roadster
  D.   Two white doves

5. To whom was Clark Gable married when he began his affair with Carole Lombard?
  A.   Josephine Dillon
  B.   Ria Langham
  C.   Sylvia Ashley
  D.   Kay Spreckles

6. What did Gable and Lombard want more than anything but were destined to remain without?
  A.   dual Academy Awards
  B.   independence from the movie industry
  C.   children
  D.   all the above

7. What was Clark Gable's approach to married life with Carole Lombard?
  A.   He loved her more than any other woman.
  B.   They continued to quarrel over minor issues.
  C.   He continued to sleep with other women.
  D.   All the above

8. Following Carole Lombard's death in a plane crash in 1942, what memento did Clark Gable wear until he died?
  A.   A miniature picture of their wedding photo in a locket around his neck
  B.   A lock of Lombard's hair in a locket around his neck
  C.   A pair of her earrings in a gold box around his neck
  D.   Her wedding ring on a chain around his neck

9. Following the death of Carole Lombard what did Clark Gable do?
  A.   He entered a period of mourning for a year, refusing to make any movies.
  B.   He enlisted in the air force.
  C.   He had a monument built to her on their rural property.
  D.   He asked Ernest Hemingway to write her life story.

10. Upon his death in 1960, Clark Gable was buried next to which of his wives?
  A.   Josephine Dillon
  B.   Ria Langham
  C.   Sylvia Ashley
  D.   Carole Lombard®   

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