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Trivia Quiz - Matthew McConaughey - Man of many roles

Matthew McConaughey is known around the world for a variety of rom-coms and, more lately, thought-provoking films. Take ten questions on this big Hollywood star.

Quiz Number: 5562
Date Submitted: November 21, 2015
Quiz Categories: Movies, Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Matthew McConaughey  Man of many roles

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1. Born in 1969, in which country did Matthew McConaughey spend a year in 1988 as a Rotary exchange student?
  A.   Japan
  B.   Sweden
  C.   England
  D.   Australia

2. Matthew McConaughey's appearance on the cover of what magazine in 1996 announced his arrival as a legitimate star?
  A.   People
  B.   Vanity Fair
  C.   Cosmopolitan
  D.   Time

3. In 1998 Matthew McConaughey was fined for what offense?
  A.   littering
  B.   noise disturbance
  C.   failure to control his dog
  D.   foul language

4. In which of Matthew McConaughey's films did he play an attorney defending an accused murderer?
  A.   Armistad
  B.   A Time to Kill
  C.   Killer Joe
  D.   Bernie

5. In which of the following rom-coms did Matthew McConaughey not appear?
  A.   Wedding Planner
  B.   How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  C.   Failure to Launch
  D.   Never Been Kissed

6. How many times, as of 2015, has Matthew McConaughey been married?
  A.   0
  B.   1
  C.   2
  D.   4

7. As of 2015, Matthew McConaughey had won one Oscar for what film?
  A.   Magic Mike
  B.   Bernie
  C.   Interstellar
  D.   Dallas Buyers Club

8. As of 2015, what has been Matthew McConaughey's highest grossing movie?
  A.   Interstellar
  B.   Failure to Launch
  C.   Magic Mike
  D.   Wolf of Wall Street

9. Not all of Matthew McConaughey's movies have been hits. What is the title of the 2003 film where he played the only average-sized person in a family of dwarfs?
  A.   Aiming High
  B.   Tip Toes
  C.   Tall Story
  D.   Big Ideas

10. Matthew McConaughey has begun a foundation aimed at improving lives for teenagers. What is its name?
  A.   Clean 'n' Green Foundation
  B.   Just Keep Livin' Foundation
  C.   Makin' a Difference Foundation
  D.   Doin' Your Best Foundation®   

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