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Trivia Quiz - Celebrity Birthdates: 1960s

These stars were all born within ten years of each other in the 1960's. Match the correct star with their birth date given -Bill Hint: All stars representing the incorrect answers are at least one year older or younger than the correct star! Comprende?

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Celebrity Birthdates 1960s
(Image Source: Ask Men)

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1. Birth date: April 23, 1960
  A.   Bonnie Hunt
  B.   Valerie Bertinelli
  C.   Sandra Bullock
  D.   Laura Dern

2. Birth date: May 6, 1961
  A.   Jennifer Tilly
  B.   Cate Blanchett
  C.   George Clooney
  D.   Cindy Crawford

3. Birth date: November 11, 1962
  A.   Demi Moore
  B.   Julia Roberts
  C.   Scott Baio
  D.   Andy Dick

4. Birth date: July 30, 1963
  A.   Catherine Zeta-Jones
  B.   Lisa Kudrow
  C.   David Schwimmer
  D.   Lea Thompson

5. Birth date: March 17, 1964
  A.   Jim Carrey
  B.   Rob Lowe
  C.   Pamela Anderson
  D.   Renee Zellweger

6. Birth date: May 31, 1965
  A.   Brooke Shields
  B.   Matthew McConaughey
  C.   Kathy Ireland
  D.   Sean Penn

7. Birth date: February 19, 1966
  A.   Jason Priestly
  B.   Matt LeBlanc
  C.   Justine Batemen
  D.   Nicolas Cage

8. Birth date: January 2, 1967
  A.   Tia Carrere
  B.   Lucy Liu
  C.   Woody Harrelson
  D.   Kelly Preston

9. Birth date: March 29, 1968
  A.   Brad Pitt
  B.   Michael Easton
  C.   Jamie Foxx
  D.   Lucy Lawless

10. Birth date: August 18, 1969
  A.   Christian Slater
  B.   Molly Ringwald
  C.   Matt Dillon
  D.   Hugh Grant®   

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