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Trivia Quiz - Actors Who've Played the Werewolf

My personal favorite is "American Werewolf in London" - great makeup! -martha

Quiz Number: 1712
Date Submitted: October 27, 2007
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Horror Movies
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: martha
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Actors Whove Played the Werewolf
(Image Source: Werewolf: Copyright Paul Mudie)

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1. What actor played the werewolf in "The Wolfman" (1941)?
  A.   Bela Lugosi
  B.   Claud Rains
  C.   Lon Chaney Jr.
  D.   Bori Karloff

2. What actor played the adolescent werewolf in "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" (1957)?
  A.   Michael Landon
  B.   Steve McQueen
  C.   Lon Chaney Jr.
  D.   Dennis Hopper

3. Who donned the fangs in "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man" (1943)?
  A.   Bela Lugosi
  B.   Tyrone Power
  C.   Lionel Atwill
  D.   Lon Chaney Jr.

4. Who plays the furry freak in "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" (1948)?
  A.   Lon Chaney Jr.
  B.   Boris Karloff
  C.   Colin Clive
  D.   Orson Wells

5. What actor played the hairy freak in "An American Werewolf in London" (1981)?
  A.   Harold Ramis
  B.   Mark Hammill
  C.   Griffin Dunne
  D.   David Naughton

6. "Teen Wolf" (1985) starred what actor as the mangy misfit?
  A.   Sean Penn
  B.   William Katt
  C.   Donnie Most
  D.   Michael J. Fox

7. "Teen Wolf Too" (1987) starred what actor as the full moon freak?
  A.   Marc Price
  B.   David Faustino
  C.   Jim Carrey
  D.   Jason Bateman

8. Who chomped some flesh in "Wolfman" (1979)?
  A.   Roger Moore
  B.   Roy Scheider
  C.   Earl Owensby
  D.   Tom Dahlgren

9. Who played the domestic sub-human in "My Mom's a Werewolf" (1991)?
  A.   Shelley Duvall
  B.   Susan Blakely
  C.   Kim Greist
  D.   Barbara Hershey

10. Who was the wolf in "Wolf" (1994)?
  A.   Jack Nicholson
  B.   Daniel Day-Lewis
  C.   Robin Williams
  D.   Ralph Fiennes®   

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