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Trivia Quiz - Stockard Channing: Versatile Actress

Just a few questions about a great versatile actress. I love Stockard Channing!

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Date Submitted: July 02, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: 0zero0
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Quiz is about: Stockard Channing

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Stockard Channing Versatile Actress
(Image Source: Stockard Channing @ TV Guide)

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1. What is Stockard Channing's birthname?
  A.   Susan Anastasia Willard
  B.   Stockard Sierra Stillman
  C.   Susan Antonia Williams Stockard
  D.   Susan Stockard Williams

2. What are the names of Stockard Channing's parents?
  A.   Mary Ann and Thomas
  B.   Teresa and George
  C.   Barbara and Cecil
  D.   Mary Alice and Lester

3. How old was Stockard Channing when she married her first husband, Walter Channing?
  A.   18
  B.   19
  C.   20
  D.   21

4. On what show did Stockard make her television debut?
  A.   "The Mary Tyler Show"
  B.   "Sesame Street"
  C.   "Bewitched"
  D.   "That's Incredible"

5. Channing landed her first lead role in the 1973 TV movie "The Girl Most Likely To..." Who wrote this black comedy?
  A.   George Carlin
  B.   Joan Rivers
  C.   David Steinberg
  D.   Al Franken

6. What role did Stockard play in "Grease"?
  A.   Blanche Hodel
  B.   Sandy Olsson
  C.   Betty Rizzo
  D.   Jan

7. In 1979 and 1980, Channing starred in two short-lived sitcoms on which network?
  A.   CBS
  B.   NBC
  C.   ABC
  D.   HBO

8. What character did Stockard Channing play in the 2000 film "Where the Heart Is"?
  A.   Mary Elizabeth Hull
  B.   Ruth Myers
  C.   Thelma Husband
  D.   Lexie Coop

9. What role did Stockard Channing play in the NBC TV series "The West Wing"?
  A.   a senator
  B.   a congresswoman
  C.   first lady
  D.   secretary

10. Channing has had a long-term relationship with Daniel Gillham. What is Gillham's occupation?
  A.   author
  B.   dancer
  C.   director
  D.   cinematographer®   

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