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Trivia Quiz - George Burns: Gone But Not Forgotten

I've been watching some old shows lately. George Burns was very talented. You don't see shows like "The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show" anymore. These are just a few questions with answers I didn't know,,, see if you do. :)

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Date Submitted: May 11, 2009
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Quiz is about: George Burns

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George Burns Gone But Not Forgotten
(Image Source: George Burns @ Smeggys)

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1. George Burns was 9th of how many children born to his parents?
  A.   9
  B.   10
  C.   12
  D.   14

2. What was George Burns' nickname?
  A.   Gee Gee
  B.   Shorty
  C.   Nattie
  D.   Jake

3. What job did George Burns have at the age of 7?
  A.   paper boy
  B.   syrup maker
  C.   shoe shine boy
  D.   bag boy

4. George Burns quit school in which grade?
  A.   4th
  B.   6th
  C.   9th
  D.   10th

5. One story of how George chose Burns as his last name is that he got it from the Burns Brothers Coal Company. What connection did George Burns have with that company?
  A.   the company was located across the street from his house
  B.   he use to steal coal from their truck
  C.   his father worked for the company
  D.   he saw the name in the newspaper

6. George Burns and Gracie Allen first made it to radio as the comedy relief for what band leader?
  A.   Count Basie
  B.   Duke Ellington
  C.   Artie Shaw
  D.   Guy Lombardo

7. In regard to George Burns's singing voice, Gracie Allen lovingly referred to him as what?
  A.   Nasty Notes
  B.   Precious Pipes
  C.   Fog Horn
  D.   Sugar Throat

8. Where did George Burns and Gracie Allen get the name of their production company, McCadden Corporation?
  A.   named after Gracie Allen's favorite uncle
  B.   named after the street that George Burns's brother lived on
  C.   named after the town where they met
  D.   saw the name on a birth announcement in the newspaper

9. After "The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show" ended, what was the name of the show that George Burns created in which he co-starred with Connie Stevens?
  A.   Me and Mary
  B.   Wendy and Me
  C.   Iris and I
  D.   You, Me and Baby Makes Three

10. George Burns was buried with 3 cigars in his pocket, his toupee, his watch that Gracie gave him, his ring, his keys, and his wallet with how much money in it?
  A.   none
  B.   $1
  C.   $562
  D.   $1,008®   

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