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Trivia Quiz - Odd Hollywood Marriages

It should not surprise that the Hollywood lifestyle has spawned some odd marriages. Try your luck with some of the stranger pairings of Tinseltown.

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Date Submitted: June 21, 2019
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Odd Hollywood Marriages

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1. Which Hollywood star was best man at a wedding and then three years later married the bride?
  A.   Randolph Scott
  B.   Gary Cooper
  C.   Brian Donlevy
  D.   Spencer Tracy

2. Which Hollywood actress married her ex-husband's son?
  A.   Clara Bow
  B.   Gloria Grahame
  C.   Donna Reed
  D.   Jean Harlow

3. Who is the Hollywood star who married the adopted daughter of his partner of 12 years?
  A.   Roman Polanski
  B.   Rob Lowe
  C.   Woody Allen
  D.   Jack Nicholson

4. Who was the Hollywood star who married her ex-husband's barber twice?
  A.   Ginger Rogers
  B.   Margaret O'Brien
  C.   Claudette Colbert
  D.   June Allyson

5. Which Hollywood star was married to his first wife for 54 years and following her death, married a woman 50 years his junior?
  A.   Danny Kaye
  B.   Tony Randall
  C.   Dick Van Dyke
  D.   Jack Klugman

6. Which Hollywood star filed for divorce from her Hollywood star husband, had the divorce approved but returned to her husband before the decree was finalized?
  A.   Patty Duke
  B.   Anne Bancroft
  C.   Gillian Anderson
  D.   Lucille Ball

7. The wife of which Hollywood star claimed she was forced to divorce her husband and marry another actor to quell rumors of homosexuality about the latter?
  A.   Keenan Wynn
  B.   Red Skelton
  C.   Alan Ladd
  D.   Ray Milland

8. Which famed Hollywood actress had her first marriage annulled after one day?
  A.   Jean Stapleton
  B.   Jean Simmons
  C.   Jean Arthur
  D.   Jean Harlow

9. Lesser-known actor Richard Cromwell married which more famous star in the hope she would turn him into a heterosexual?
  A.   Angela Lansbury
  B.   Fay Wray
  C.   Loretta Young
  D.   Carole Lombard

10. Which talk show host, at a 10th anniversary celebration party of his show, announced he had married that afternoon?
  A.   Phil Donahue
  B.   Merv Griffin
  C.   Johnny Carson
  D.   Joey Bishop®   

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