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Trivia Quiz - Canadian Celebrities

Some questions on people of note who hail from The Great White North. You may find a few surprises.

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Date Submitted: June 27, 2013
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Comedy Movies, Comedians
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Canadian Celebrities
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1. This actor, who hails from Montreal, has a lengthy film and television career. He is best remembered, though, as the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise on television from 1966-1969.
  A.   Jeffrey Hunter
  B.   Bruce Greenwood
  C.   William Shatner
  D.   Donald Sutherland

2. This actor/comedian from Newmarket, Ontario, began as a comic in Toronto. He became a cast member of 'In Living Color' on television and moved from there to a lucrative movie career, including the 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' films.
  A.   Eugene Levy
  B.   Jim Carrey
  C.   Joe Flaherty
  D.   John Candy

3. This actor was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was a young star on the 'Family Ties' television series and broke into movies with the 'Back to the Future' films. He is now afflicted with Parkinson's disease and works hard for that cause.
  A.   Ryan Reynolds
  B.   Mike Myers
  C.   Michael J. Pollard
  D.   Michael J. Fox

4. This actor and comedian was born in Scarborough, Ontario in 1963. He came to fame as a cast member of 'Saturday Night Live' and such movies as 'Wayne's World' and 'Austin Powers'.
  A.   Mike Macdonald
  B.   Bill Myers
  C.   Mike Myers
  D.   Jim Cameron

5. Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, this legendary actor starred in many films over the years. Only a few are 'Ordinary People', 'M*A*S*H', 'The Italian Job', 'Animal House' and 'Outbreak'.
  A.   Alan Alda
  B.   Lee Marvin
  C.   Dustin Hoffman
  D.   Donald Sutherland

6. One of the original cast members on 'Saturday Night Live', this actor/comedian was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He was one of the 'Blues Brothers' and starred in such films as 'Ghostbusters' and 'Doctor Detroit'.
  A.   Dan Aykroyd
  B.   John Belushi
  C.   Jim Belushi
  D.   Bill Murray

7. This acclaimed actor/comedian, now deceased, was raised in the Northwest Territories in Canada. He had a lengthy career, but some of his more notable films were the 'Naked Gun' series and 'Airplane'.
  A.   Donald Sutherland
  B.   Peter Falk
  C.   Leslie Nielsen
  D.   Robert Hays

8. This actor and comedian from Toronto, Ontario, dropped out of high school to try stand-up comedy. He was one of 'The Kids in the Hall' and starred in 'News Radio' from 1995-1999.
  A.   Kevin McDonald
  B.   Dave Foley
  C.   Martin Short
  D.   Jim Carrey

9. This acting beauty, from Edmonton, Alberta, starred in 'Crossing Jordan' and 'Law and Order' on television, as well as several films, including 'Wild Hogs' (2007).
  A.   Anna Silk
  B.   Jill Hennessy
  C.   Christina Cox
  D.   Catherine O'Hara

10. This artist, actor and comedian was born in Brantford, Ontario. He designed album covers for rock bands in the early 70's and was an alumni of 'Saturday Night Live' and 'News Radio' on television.
  A.   Howie Mandel
  B.   Eugene Levy
  C.   Jon Lovitz
  D.   Phil Hartman®   

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