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Trivia Quiz - Ray Kroc - Fast Food Genius

A quiz on the man who revolutionized the way fast food was prepared, marketed and eaten.

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Date Submitted: June 28, 2013
Quiz Categories: Business, Culture, American Culture, Food & Drink
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Ray A Kroc

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Ray Kroc  Fast Food Genius
(Image Source: Ray Kroc)

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1. In which US state was Ray Kroc born in 1902?
  A.   Michigan
  B.   Idaho
  C.   Iowa
  D.   Illinois

2. What corporate fast food organization did Ray Kroc eventually own?
  A.   Taco Bell
  B.   KFC
  C.   McDonald's
  D.   Subway

3. Ray Kroc did not start the business he eventually came to own. How did he come across it in 1954?
  A.   While on holidays he dined at the establishment
  B.   He was a commercial milkshake marketer and sold his product to the restaurant.
  C.   He was desperate for work and took a job as a kitchen hand.
  D.   His wife's brother established the company and asked him to buy in.

4. What factor most impressed Ray Kroc about the restaurant's operation?
  A.   Its assembly line approach
  B.   The cleanliness of the food production
  C.   The restaurant's advertising approach
  D.   The friendliness of the serving staff

5. By 1960 how many restaurant franchises were operating in the US?
  A.   150
  B.   200
  C.   350
  D.   500

6. In 1961 Ray Kroc bought the business rights to his operation for how much?
  A.   $1.5 million
  B.   $2.7million
  C.   $3 million
  D.   $3.8 million

7. Where in the US did Ray Kroc create an intensive training institute to ensure uniformity of his products?
  A.   Buffalo Glade
  B.   Deer Rapids
  C.   Elk Grove
  D.   Moose Hollow

8. What was attributed to be the most important part of Ray Kroc's restaurant philosophy?
  A.   Clean rest rooms
  B.   Advertising campaigns
  C.   Uniformity of product experience
  D.   All the above

9. As of 2013, approximately how many of Ray Kroc's restaurants may be found world-wide?
  A.   15,000
  B.   27,000
  C.   34,000
  D.   47,000

10. What caused Ray Kroc's death in 1984?
  A.   colon cancer
  B.   lung cancer
  C.   heart disease
  D.   car crash®   

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