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Trivia Quiz - Food & Drink Fads: The 1950s and 1960s

How much do you baby boomers remember about the stuff we ate and drank when we were kids? How much do you non-boomers know?

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Date Submitted: December 14, 2008
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Author: Samurai Sam
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Food  Drink Fads The 1950s and 1960s
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1. What soft drink product came in tablets that dissolved in water?
  A.   Kool Aid Depth Charges
  B.   Flavor Aid
  C.   Fizzies
  D.   Fun Seltzers

2. What food product came in garden salad, Italian salad, seasoned tomato, and celery flavors for a brief period in the 1960s?
  A.   Kool Aid
  B.   Jello
  C.   Lay's Potato Chips
  D.   Campbell's Soup

3. What soup, sold in the 1960s, came in flavors such as Goofy Cream of Chicken, Mickey Mouse Cream of Tomato, and Donald Duck Chicken Vegetable?
  A.   Campbell's Disney Soup
  B.   Happy Soup
  C.   Lipton Disney Delight
  D.   Disneyland Soup

4. In the mid 1960s you could buy Skippy peanut butter with what added ingredient?
  A.   Jelly
  B.   Banana slices
  C.   Bacon bits
  D.   Chocolate pieces

5. What chocolate syrup came in a plastic robot container?
  A.   Robbie the Robot
  B.   Mr. Roboto
  C.   Bosco Ben
  D.   Clanky

6. General Mills marketed what "do it yourself" milkshake mix in the mid 1960s?
  A.   Great Shakes
  B.   Shakey Shakes
  C.   Handshakers
  D.   Malt Shop

7. We loved these as kids but hate 'em as grownups...what food product did A.C. Swanson & Sons introduce to the market in 1953?
  A.   Corndogs
  B.   Macaroni & cheese
  C.   TV dinners
  D.   Fish sticks

8. What brand of frozen pizza was the first to be introduced to the American market?
  A.   Red Baron
  B.   Totino's
  C.   Jeno's
  D.   Tony's

9. What food product, frequently used as a consolation prize on tv game shows, was introduced in 1958?
  A.   Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
  B.   Fritos Corn Chips
  C.   Peter Paul Almond Joy
  D.   Rice A Roni

10. What company introduced nonfat dry milk to the market in 1954?
  A.   Pet
  B.   Nestle's
  C.   Carnation
  D.   General Foods®   

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