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Trivia Quiz - Product Slogans #4

Do you remember what products these slogans advertised? Pick the company that goes with the slogan. This is a great trivia quiz about product advertising slogans!

Quiz Number: 2272
Date Submitted: March 16, 2008
Quiz Categories: Business, American Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 47.8 percent
Times Taken: 273 times
Taken by Registered Users: 26

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Product Slogans 4
(Image Source: Got Milk?)

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1. "The future will be here in a moment."
  A.   Ford Motor Company
  B.   Metropolitan Life Insurance
  C.   General Electric
  D.   TWA

2. "Seven Wonders of the Cat World"
  A.   Friskies Cat Food
  B.   Hartz Catnip
  C.   Puss 'n' Boots Cat Food
  D.   Whiskas Kitbits

3. "Even if you cook it wrong, it turns out right."
  A.   Jello Pudding
  B.   Minute Rice
  C.   Lipton Soup
  D.   Jiffy Pop

4. "Munch a Bunch"
  A.   Planters' Peanuts
  B.   Lay's Potato Chips
  C.   Reese's Pieces
  D.   Fritos Corn Chips

5. "Be Careful How You Use It."
  A.   Mr. Bubble
  B.   Crazy Foam
  C.   Metamucil
  D.   Hai Karate Aftershave

6. "You Can Be Sure If It's - "
  A.   Westinghouse
  B.   Kellogg's
  C.   Magnavox
  D.   Uncle Ben's

7. "Just Like a Good Neighbor"
  A.   The United Way
  B.   State Farm Insurance
  C.   Boy Scouts of America
  D.   Citibank

8. "Come a little closer, baby, smile for me . . ."
  A.   Kay's Jewelry
  B.   Tic Tacs
  C.   Kodak
  D.   Close - Up Toothpaste

9. "Goes a long, long way."
  A.   Bounty Paper Towels
  B.   Bit o' Honey Candy
  C.   Twizzlers
  D.   Honda

10. "OOH, what lather!"
  A.   Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo
  B.   Colgate Shaving Cream
  C.   Dawn Detergent
  D.   Zest Soap®   

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