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Trivia Quiz - Beer Slogans: Alcohol Advertising

What do you know about beer slogans? See if you can match the beer slogan with the beer brand.

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Date Submitted: May 09, 2008
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: phonerec
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Beer Slogans Alcohol Advertising
(Image Source: Edinburgh Pubs)

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1. What beer "made Milwaukee famous?"
  A.   Coors
  B.   Bud
  C.   Old Milwuakee
  D.   Schlitz

2. Which beer is the "King of Beers?"
  A.   Budweiser
  B.   Coors
  C.   Miller
  D.   Schlitz

3. Which beer is brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water?
  A.   Bud
  B.   Miller
  C.   Coors
  D.   Old Milwaulkee

4. Which beer "deserves a better can"?
  A.   Heineken
  B.   Molson
  C.   Dreher
  D.   Double Diamond

5. Which beer tells us to "lose the carbs, not the taste"?
  A.   Coors
  B.   Michelob Ultra
  C.   Amber Brock
  D.   Bud Light

6. Which beer is "miles away from the ordinary?"
  A.   Amber Bock
  B.   Michelob
  C.   Heineken
  D.   Corona

7. What is "Australian for beer?"
  A.   Corona
  B.   Fosters
  C.   Michelob
  D.   Coors

8. Which beer proclaims "Life Beckons"?
  A.   Becks
  B.   Heineken
  C.   Amber Brock
  D.   Fosters

9. Which beer urges you to "head for the mountains"?
  A.   Bud
  B.   Miller
  C.   Busch
  D.   Michelob

10. Which beer is "less filling, AND tastes great?"
  A.   Miller Lite
  B.   Bud Light
  C.   Coors Light
  D.   Michelob Light®   

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