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Trivia Quiz - Richard Branson - Virgin Mastermind

Richard Branson's brand of business acumen and showmanship have made him known around the world. Take this quiz on this 21st century entrepreneurial maverick.

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Date Submitted: January 09, 2014
Quiz Categories: Business, Culture, Various
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Richard Branson  Virgin Mastermind

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1. What disabilty held Richard Branson back throughout his school career?
  A.   partial deafness
  B.   ADHD
  C.   dyslexia
  D.   color blindness

2. Why did Richard Branson name his company 'Virgin'?
  A.   He and his employees were all beginners.
  B.   He was still one when he started his business.
  C.   From the expression 'vergin on the ridiculous'
  D.   He thought it was a controversial title that would get people's attention.

3. At the age of 27 what U.K. Band did Branson sign up after all other recording labels had turned them down?
  A.   The 4-Skins
  B.   Adam and The Ants
  C.   The Sex Pistols
  D.   The Screaming Dead

4. Richard Branson extended his Virgin company into many areas. Which of the following was not one of them?
  A.   mobile phones
  B.   T V broadcasting
  C.   trains
  D.   airlines

5. Because of a liquidity problem, Richard Branson sold Virgin Records to what recording company in 1992?
  A.   EMI
  B.   Sony
  C.   Warner
  D.   Universal

6. Richard Branson has engaged in a number of adventurous, record-breaking pursuits such as crossing the Atlantic in record time in the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II which what was type of craft?
  A.   hot air balloon
  B.   submarine
  C.   boat
  D.   plane

7. Richard Branson has extended his reach into space tourism with a company named what?
  A.   Virgin Interstellar
  B.   Virgin Space Travel
  C.   Virgin Galaxy Travel
  D.   Virgin Galactic

8. Richard Branson has entered business and adventure challenges with many famous people. Who of the following has not been one of these?
  A.   David Frost
  B.   Steve Jobs
  C.   Deepak Chopra
  D.   Steve Fossett

9. In 2007 Richard Branson instituted the Virgin Earth Challenge which intends to do what?
  A.   Remove nuclear weapons from the planet
  B.   Cleanse the oceans of plastic waste
  C.   Reduce world poverty
  D.   Remove man-made CO2 from the atmosphere

10. Richard Branson's high media profile has seen him appear in TV shows and movies. In which of the following has he not appeared?
  A.   Around the World in Eighty Days (2004 version)
  B.   Casino Royale
  C.   Superman Returns
  D.   The Simpsons®   

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