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Trivia Quiz - Danny Thomas: A Philanthropist and Star

Danny Thomas was a star of TV and movies. What do you remember about him?

Quiz Number: 2840
Date Submitted: September 21, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Quiz is about: Danny Thomas

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Danny Thomas A Philanthropist and Star
(Image Source: Danny Thomas @ Ohio Squires)

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1. Danny Thomas was very proud of his ancestry. Of what descent was he?
  A.   Lebanese
  B.   Irish
  C.   Persian
  D.   Czech

2. Before he starred in movies, Danny Thomas worked primarily as a:
  A.   grocer
  B.   songwriter
  C.   nightclub singer
  D.   housepainter

3. In which of these movies did Danny Thomas NOT appear?
  A.   "The Jazz Singer"
  B.   "Call Me Mister"
  C.   "Meet Me in St. Louis"
  D.   "Ill See You in My Dreams"

4. Danny Thomas made his first TV appearance on this show:
  A.   "Four Star Review"
  B.   "Toast of the Town"
  C.   "The Milton Berle Show"
  D.   "Your Show of Shows"

5. What was the original name of the TV series renamed "The Danny Thomas Show?"
  A.   "Father Knows Best"
  B.   "I Love Danny"
  C.   "Danny Williams and Family"
  D.   "Make Room for Daddy"

6. Danny Williams, as played by Danny Thomas, was named to TV Guide's 2004 list of 50 Greatest TV Dads. What rank was he chosen?
  A.   1
  B.   5
  C.   11
  D.   49

7. Danny Thomas was also a TV producer. Which of the following shows did he NOT produce?
  A.   "The Donna Reed Show"
  B.   "The Dick VanDyke Show"
  C.   "The Mod Squad"
  D.   "The Real McCoys"

8. Danny Thomas was an original owner of what sports team?
  A.   Milwaukee Brewers
  B.   Seattle Supersonics
  C.   Miami Dolphins
  D.   New Orleans Saints

9. What is the name of the hospital Danny Thomas founded in Memphis, Tennessee?
  A.   St. Francis
  B.   St. Jude
  C.   St. Thomas More
  D.   St. Luke

10. On what sitcom did Danny Thomas make his last appearance?
  A.   "Empty Nest"
  B.   "Golden Girls"
  C.   "Happy Days"
  D.   "Here's Lucy"®   

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