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Trivia Quiz - Columbo: Guest Stars

I'll give you the episode name and a brief plot summary and you guess who the guest star was. A bit of a challenge for Columbo fans!

Quiz Number: 4451
Date Submitted: May 03, 2012
Quiz Categories: Television Stars, TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
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Columbo Guest Stars
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1. A young chemist rigs a bomb in a cigar box in his uncle's car so he can gain control of his company, then tries to frame an executive.(Short Fuse)
  A.   Gene Barry
  B.   Roddy McDowall
  C.   James Brolin
  D.   George Kennedy

2. A surgeon, who plans to kill his mentor by botching a heart operation, must kill two other people to cover his tracks. (A Stitch in Crime)
  A.   Ray Milland
  B.   Jack Cassidy
  C.   George Hamilton
  D.   Leonard Nimoy

3. The manager of a football team kills the team's owner. He then uses a recording of a fake phone call as an alibi to prove he was at a football game during the time of the murder. (The Most Crucial Game)
  A.   Patrick O'Neal
  B.   John Cassavetes
  C.   Robert Culp
  D.   Richard Anderson

4. After years of being blackmailed by his wife, a Country singer kills her in a plane crash and tries to make it look like he was the target. (Swan Song)
  A.   Robert Conrad
  B.   Glen Campbell
  C.   Roy Clark
  D.   Johnny Cash

5. Paul Galesko, a famous photographer, kills his annoying wife in a fake kidnapping and sets up an ex-con to take the blame. (Negative Reaction)
  A.   Dick Van Dyke
  B.   Richard Anderson
  C.   Jack Cassidy
  D.   George Hamilton

6. The Great Santini, a magician being blackmailed by his employer, devises an illusion to use as an alibi for murdering him. (Now You See Him)
  A.   Robert Vaughn
  B.   Jack Cassidy
  C.   Karl Malden
  D.   Martin Milner

7. An actor who plays a TV detective murders his producer in a seemingly perfect crime, utilizing a VCR as his alibi. (Fade in to Murder)
  A.   Jackie Cooper
  B.   Laurence Harvey
  C.   Ross Martin
  D.   William Shatner

8. A wealthy man is murdered; his twin nephews stand to inherit, but which one committed the crime? (Double Shock)
  A.   Patrick O'Neal
  B.   Martin Landau
  C.   Rod Steiger
  D.   Rip Torn

9. A winemaker decides to kill his younger brother before he can sell the family winery. Columbo must use the killer's knowledge of spirits against him to bring him to justice. (Any Old Port in a Storm)
  A.   Richard Dysart
  B.   Robert Conrad
  C.   Eddie Albert
  D.   Donald Pleasence

10. A doctor kills the husband of the woman he is having an affair with, but he is 'seen' leaving the house by a witness, who happens to be blind. (A Deadly State of Mind)
  A.   José Ferrer
  B.   Michael McGuire
  C.   George Hamilton
  D.   Robert Conrad®   

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