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Trivia Quiz - The Kennedys: The Fourth Generation

Answer these questions about the fourth generation of The Kennedy Clan, "The Kennedy Cousins."

Quiz Number: 2092
Date Submitted: February 03, 2008
Quiz Categories: History, American Government
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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The Kennedys The Fourth Generation
(Image Source: Kennedy Family)

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1. How many of Joseph and Rose Kennedy's offspring had no children?
  A.   0
  B.   1
  C.   2
  D.   3

2. Which Kennedy was Lieutenant Governor of Maryland?
  A.   Mark Shriver
  B.   Mary Cortney Kennedy
  C.   Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
  D.   Kym Smith

3. Which Kennedy served as a US Representative from Rhode Island?
  A.   Patrick Kennedy
  B.   Stephen Smith, Jr.
  C.   Anthony Shriver
  D.   Christopher Lawford

4. Which Kennedy co-founded the "Profiles in Courage" Award?
  A.   Josephy Kennedy II
  B.   Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
  C.   Christopher Kennedy
  D.   Mark Shriver

5. This Kennedy founded the Waterkeeper Alliance as an environmental activist:
  A.   Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  B.   Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
  C.   Sydney Lawford
  D.   Douglas Kennedy

6. Which Kennedy appeared in "All My Children" as well as movies with cousin-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  A.   Timothy Shriver
  B.   Mary Kennedy
  C.   Amanda Smith
  D.   Chris Lawford

7. Which Kennedy was publisher of the magazine "George?"
  A.   Maria Shriver
  B.   David Kennedy
  C.   Joseph P Kennedy II
  D.   John F. Kennedy Jr

8. Which Kennedy is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer of "American Hollow"?
  A.   Anthony Shriver
  B.   Robert Kennedy Jr
  C.   Kara Kennedy Allen
  D.   Rory Kennedy

9. This Kennedy cousin was acquitted in a sensationalized rape trial, then went on to become a physician:
  A.   Patrick B. Kennedy
  B.   William Kennedy Smith
  C.   Douglas Kennedy
  D.   Stephen Smith Jr

10. This Kennedy Cousin was a TV journalist, mother, and First Lady of California:
  A.   Rory Kennedy
  B.   Chris Lawford
  C.   Kara Kennedy
  D.   Maria Shriver®   

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