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Trivia Quiz - Bob Dole

This is a quiz on former Senator, VP candidate and presidential nominee, Bob Dole.

Quiz Number: 4520
Date Submitted: June 05, 2012
Quiz Categories: American Government
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 44.9 percent
Times Taken: 57 times
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Quiz is about: Bob Dole

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Bob Dole
(Image Source: Bob Dole Public Domain Photo)

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1. What occupation did Bob Dole pursue before getting into politics?
  A.   He was a Superior Court Judge
  B.   He was an attorney
  C.   He was a Supreme Court Judge.
  D.   He was a District Attorney

2. Bob was a U.S. Senator for what state?
  A.   New York
  B.   Missouri
  C.   Ohio
  D.   Kansas

3. Bob was the Vice Presidential running mate for which presidential hopeful?
  A.   Gerald Ford
  B.   Jimmy Carter
  C.   Ronald Reagan
  D.   Richard Nixon

4. Bob lost his only Presidential race to whom?
  A.   Gerald Ford
  B.   George W Bush
  C.   Bill Clinton
  D.   Ronald Reagan

5. Bob was recruited by legendary coach Phog Allen to play what sport at Kansas University?
  A.   Basketball
  B.   Football
  C.   Baseball
  D.   Wrestling

6. What position did Bob play for the Kansas University football team?
  A.   Wide Reciever
  B.   Tackle
  C.   End
  D.   Place Kicker

7. What did Bob often do to signal he couldn't shake hands with his right hand?
  A.   Nothing, everyone already knew
  B.   Always reached with his left hand first
  C.   Kept his right hand in his pocket
  D.   Carried a pen in his right hand

8. During World War II, Dole received two Purple Hearts and what other distinctive award?
  A.   Bronze Star
  B.   Bronze Star with Combat V
  C.   Silver Star
  D.   Presidential Medal of Courage Under Fire

9. Which president awarded Dole with the Presidential Medal of Freedom?
  A.   Bill Clinton
  B.   Ronald Reagan
  C.   George H.W. Bush
  D.   George W. Bush

10. On April 12th, 2005 Bob Dole released his autobiography entitled what?
  A.   Politics on the Battlefield
  B.   Wounded in Battle
  C.   One Soldier's Story: A Memoir
  D.   From Soldier to Politics®   

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