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Trivia Quiz - William Wheeler - Stuck with the US Vice Presidency

William Almon Wheeler (June 30, 1819 – June 4, 1887) was a member of the House of Representatives and the 19th Vice President of the United States (1877–1881).

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Date Submitted: January 14, 2012
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: William Wheeler

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William Wheeler  Stuck with the US Vice Presidency
(Image Source: William Wheeler public domain photo)

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1. Wheeler was born in Malone, New York, and attended Franklin Academy and the University of Vermont. How did Wheeler perform in U of V?
  A.   He graduated number one in his class.
  B.   Monetary concerns forced him to drop out without graduating.
  C.   He dropped out when his girlfriend became pregnant.
  D.   He failed out his senior year - he could not pass chemistry.

2. Roscoe Conkling, a NY Senator and a political boss offered "Wheeler, if you will act with us, there is nothing in the gift of the State of New York to which you may not reasonably aspire." How did Wheeler respond?
  A.   He demanded the Vice Presidency, to sell his votes.
  B.   He demanded the Presidency of the New York Northern Railroad.
  C.   Nothing would "compensate me for the forfeiture of my self-respect."
  D.   Wheeler struck Conklin with his cane on the floor of the House of Representatives.

3. Wheeler served as president of the New York State Constitutional Convention of June 1867. His acceptance speech gave a ringing endorsement for what?
  A.   segregation.
  B.   manifest destiny.
  C.   money.
  D.   racial equality.

4. Wheeler was a delegate to the Republican convention in 1876, which had just nominated Rutherford B. Hayes on the seventh ballot. How was the Vice Presidential candidate picked?
  A.   As a joke, during a dinner party.
  B.   By acclaimation the next day.
  C.   By vote, and by a landslide of 366 votes to the 89.
  D.   All of the above

5. When Rutherford Hayes was told Wheeler was his VP running mate, he responded . . .
  A.   "I am ashamed to say: Who is Wheeler?"
  B.   "That should sew up the election"
  C.   "As long as he has cash reserves, he will be a good partner in crime."
  D.   "Doom, I say, DOOM."

6. Wheeler had a family tragedy a few months prior to taking office as Vice President in March of 1877. What occurred?
  A.   His young daughter died.
  B.   His young son died.
  C.   His wife died.
  D.   His parents died in a sledding accident.

7. One of the hallmarks of the luncheons at the White House during the Hayes adminstration, and one that Wheeler was a part of, included:
  A.   Rum toasts lead by the VP and President at the start of the luncheons.
  B.   Alcohol-free meals.
  C.   Beer busts and card games.
  D.   Dancing girls and whiskey with cigar smoke wreathing backroom deals.

8. Wheeler's relationship with President Hayes could be characterized as:
  A.   strained in private, but appearing cordial in public.
  B.   cordial - the Hayes family liked Wheeler.
  C.   strained in public, but cordial in private.
  D.   difficult - Hayes refused to work with Wheeler for a second term.

9. Why did Wheeler leave the White House after a single term?
  A.   He was ill.
  B.   His spouse had died.
  C.   He wanted to make more money.
  D.   He wanted to become Governor of NY.

10. Where is Wheeler buried?
  A.   Malone, NY
  B.   Arlington National Cemetary
  C.   Gettysburg, PA
  D.   Boston, MA®   

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