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Trivia Quiz - Vice Presidential Losers

I'll give you the year and the Presidential candidate and you give me the VP running mate they lost the election with. BTW, who did Muskie lose with (see picture to right)? Hubert Humphrey in 1968!

Quiz Number: 4425
Date Submitted: April 19, 2012
Quiz Categories: American History, American Presidents, American Vice Presidents, American Government
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Vice Presidential Losers
(Image Source: Edmund Muskie @

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1. Who was John McCain's VP running mate in 2008?
  A.   Newt Gingrich
  B.   Joseph Biden
  C.   Hillary Clinton
  D.   Sarah Palin

2. Who was John Kerry's VP running mate in 2004?
  A.   Joseph Lieberman
  B.   Hillary Clinton
  C.   John Edwards
  D.   Micheal Dukakis

3. Who was Al Gore Jr's VP running mate was in 2000?
  A.   Joseph Lieberman
  B.   Michael Dukakis
  C.   Jack Kemp
  D.   John Edwards

4. Who was Bob Dole's VP running mate in 1996?
  A.   Dan Quayle
  B.   Jack Kemp
  C.   Joseph Lieberman
  D.   Oliver North

5. In 1992, in an attempt for re-election, George H.W.Bush's VP running mate was:
  A.   Dan Quayle
  B.   Dick Cheaney
  C.   Jack Kemp
  D.   Lloyd Bentsen

6. Who was Michael Dukakis's VP running mate in 1988?
  A.   Newt Gingrich
  B.   Dick Cheaney
  C.   Lloyd Bentsen
  D.   Jack Kemp

7. Who was Walter Mondale's VP running mate in 1984?
  A.   Jack Kemp
  B.   Geraldine Ferarro
  C.   Bob Dole
  D.   Michael Dukakis

8. In the re-election year of 1980, Jimmy Carter's VP running mate was:
  A.   Gerald Ford
  B.   Jack Kemp
  C.   Bob Dole
  D.   Walter Mondale

9. Who was Gerald Ford's VP running mate in 1976?
  A.   Jimmy Carter
  B.   Bob Dole
  C.   Walter Mondale
  D.   Jack Kemp

10. Who was George McGovern's VP running mate in 1972?
  A.   Jack Kemp
  B.   Joseph Lieberman
  C.   R.Sargent Shriver
  D.   Lloyd Bentsen®   

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