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Trivia Quizzes - British Royalty

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Kate Middleton: The Duchess of CambridgeBritish RoyaltyKate Middleton  bill57765.6
3 Sarah, Duchess of YorkBritish RoyaltySarah Ferguson  bill15561.2
4 Prince Harry of WalesBritish RoyaltyPrince Harry  bill39760
5 Queen Elizabeth IIBritish RoyaltyQueen Elizabeth II  catherine92463.1
6 Charles III of Great BritainBritish RoyaltyKing Charles  catherine47247.8
7 Prince Edward, Earl of WessexBritish RoyaltyPrince Edward  dana19665.7
8 The Princess Anne, Princess RoyalBritish RoyaltyPrincess Anne  dana28064.4
9 Camilla, Duchess of CornwallBritish RoyaltyCamilla Parker Bowles  tristan23455.1
10 Prince Andrew, Duke of YorkBritish RoyaltyPrince Andrew  charles20465.7
11 Princess Diana: Her Early YearsBritish RoyaltyDiana Spencer  Foggy26765
12 Prince PhilipBritish RoyaltyPrince Philip  scarlettem38460.9
13 Queen Victoria: 19th Century QueenBritish Royalty, HistoryQueen Victoria  scarlettem43472.5
14 HM Queen Elizabeth: The Queen MotherBritish RoyaltyElizabeth The Queen Mother  scarlettem29866.3
15 Princess Diana: Classy LadyBritish RoyaltyDiana Spencer  LittleLady67058.3
16 Royals Behaving BadlyRoyalty, British Royalty  grant22823960.5
17 English Royalty FirstsAmazing "Firsts" in History!, British Royalty  grant22825756.4
18 Queen Victoria: The Monarch Who Wasn't AmusedHistory, British RoyaltyQueen Victoria  grant22820269.8
19 Prince Philip: "The Duke of Hazard"British RoyaltyPrince Philip  grant22813747.1
20 Henry VIII: Iron Fisted RulerHistory, British Royalty  grant22823774.7
21 King George VI - An Example of Devotion and DutyBritish RoyaltyKing GeorgeVI  grant22817778.2
22 Elizabeth I - The Virgin QueenBritish Royalty, British HistoryQueen Elizabeth I  grant22819750.2
23 Royals Behaving Badly IIHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant2289662.5
24 Prince Albert - Husband of Queen VictoriaHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant22810869.9
25 Anne Boleyn - Doomed Queen of EnglandBritish Royalty, British History  grant22815672.4
26 Charles I - Executed King of EnglandBritish Royalty, British History  grant22828562.1
27 Canute - King of EnglandBritish Royalty, British History  grant2284450.7
28 Prince Philip - The "Duke of Hazard" Part IIHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant2281255.8
29 Meghan Markle - Duchess of SussexHistory, British Royalty  grant2281665.6
30 The Wives of Henry VIIIHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant2283870.5

Grand Averages for these 29 Quizzes     62.7®   

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