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Trivia Quiz - Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge

What do you know about the oft-voted best-dressed Kate Middleton? She married Prince William on 29 April, 2011 and is now known as The Duchess of Cambridge.

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Date Submitted: March 27, 2011
Quiz Categories: British Royalty
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge
(Image Source: Kate Middleton Photo Credit to Nick Warner)

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1. In what British county was Kate Middleton born and raised?
  A.   Oxfordshire
  B.   Berkshire
  C.   Surrey
  D.   Hampshire

2. From which university did Ms. Middleton graduate?
  A.   Kingston University
  B.   Middlesex University
  C.   Oxford University
  D.   University of St Andrews

3. Kate Middleton's parents own a mail order company that sells party supplies and decorations. What's the name of it?
  A.   Party Pieces
  B.   Oriental Trading
  D.   Middleton's Events

4. What academic degree did Kate Middleton earn?
  A.   History of Art
  B.   English
  C.   History of Literature
  D.   Philosophy

5. In November 2006, Middleton accepted a position as an accessory buyer with what clothing chain?
  A.   Wolsey
  B.   Harrods
  C.   Jigsaw
  D.   Peacocks

6. Some of Kate's early years were spent living in the Middle East, when her father was working there. What Middle Eastern city was it?
  A.   Beirut, Lebanon
  B.   Cairo, Egypt
  C.   Jerusalem, Israel
  D.   Amman, Jordan

7. What is Kate Middleton's middle name?
  A.   Elizabeth
  B.   Allison
  C.   Ashley
  D.   Anne

8. What is Prince William's nickname for Kate?
  A.   Babycakes
  B.   Babykins
  C.   Cutie
  D.   Hot Stuff

9. What nickname did the press give to Kate Middleton?
  A.   Waitie Katie
  B.   Pretty Katie
  C.   Pretty Middy
  D.   Late Kate

10. What actress played Kate Middleton in the 2011 Lifetime TV movie entitled, "William and Kate"?
  A.   Camilla Luddington
  B.   Samantha Morton
  C.   Anna Friel
  D.   Keira Knightley®   

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